The Walking Dead Mid-Season Review

The walking dead has come to a brief end and we find our selves lost for words…

Beth is dead.
The crew is together
Broken but together…
Lies have been told
Truths are yet to be seen
Hope is in the distance
Covered in blood stained letters.

It’s crazy with the amount of metaphors that were in the show …

1) Beth dieing symbolizes the groups Dieing of this area and moving on
2) the 3 major enemies of the season showed us 3 things
1) terminus- stayed strong until powerhouse came in/ can’t survive as a large group
2) Brother Gabriel- stayed locked up/ can’t survive alone
3) Hospital- Helped others survive/ crumbled beneath their feet.
3) Morgan is hope and life
4) our story means everything (bobs leg, Beth’s body, the church, the fire truck)
5) the group is still together ( they always come back at the hardest moments to get each other through it)

Then you have Ricks group…
The survivors of the world… Through the thick and thin, the blood and guts, alive or dead, and many lost members they still are a group and hold strong in numbers and strength…

Family survives not groups
Family survives not communities
Family survives not single members

This group is tough, rough, and will do whatever it takes to live.

This series has gone from
A small family fighting zombies to
A body of people fighting each other and zombie to
A group fighting zombies to
Two groups fighting each other to
A group surviving while fighting others and zombies

It’s not only about the zombies but also about other survivors and people

Life is death.
Death is life

choose one….

Hope in the World of the 21st Century.

A story of Hope,

“This morning, I went to Walmart and left with more than the items in my bag…

I stood there, my debit card poised over the Interact terminal, when a voice diverted the course of my day. “Would you mind if I paid for your groceries?” I turned to see a smiling young man, his friend standing behind him. I’m sure I gave him an awkward smile, my eyebrows twisted into some sort of question mark. I began to ask about this random act of kindness when the cashier explained they were from Kingswood University. In the span of about five seconds, I stumbled through at least a hundred different thoughts. Very quickly I settled on one. Mere days before, my friend had shared of how she had received a special act of kindness and how, in receiving, she had endowed the giver with a blessing. And so the question came again. “Would you allow me to pay for your groceries?” I agreed, saying that I would love to let him be my blessing. He paid. He reminded me that Jesus loves me. I reminded him of the same. We smiled, parted ways and never knew each other’s names.

It was only $10 and change. I could have paid for it. I could have paid for mine and his and the next guy’s if I had wanted. Money wasn’t the issue. Love was. In that simple action, a brother in Christ had jolted me out of my fog. He had opened my eyes to our human connectivity. No longer were the people of my day, landscape to my movement. They were becoming the images of God. Expressions of Himself. Incarnations of His existence. I was also reminded that, in the anonymity of routine, God had seen me.

So, to the young man, with the smile and the servant’s heart…thank you. For being the hands and feet of Jesus. For shining your light unabashedly. For empowering me to pass along a blessing to “the least of these”. Well done…

This story brings Hope to this World of ours. This is a story from my School, Kingswood University. Its amazing at what God can do through each and every one of us. God works in crazy and mysteries ways but he is always working no matter the circumstance. God is so good. Words cannot describe the feelings I felt when I received this email and began to weep… Knowing that God is working in small ways here is amazing and knowing that God is working in big ways around the world is also amazing…

This story is from Samaritans Purse and is called Love Finds A Way.

When Joana received a gift-filled shoebox in the Philippines in 2000, she couldn’t have imagined that one day she would meet the 7-year-old boy who packed the box—and that he would be her future husband in America. Joana kept one memento: a small photo of a little blonde-haired boy in a cowboy shirt holding a lariat. The boy had included his name and address, so Joana later wrote him a letter explaining how his gift had impacted her and her family.

The only information she had to go on was a name: Tyrel Wolfe. Numerous options appeared when she did a search. One name popped up from Idaho. The child in the photo was dressed in cowboy-type attire with a rustic mountain background. She had never been to the United States, but she knew that Idaho had mountains. Was this Tyrel Wolfe the one? She clicked on the link and submitted a friend request.

In the rural community of Midvale, Idaho (pop. 160), it was already after 8 p.m. Tyrel checked his Facebook account and was intrigued by a message from “a random girl in the Philippines.” Thus began their Facebook friendship and an exchange of letters and pictures for the next year.

In June 2013, after saving up money for a plane ticket and receiving cautionary blessings from his parents, Tyrel flew to Manila. He had been on an overseas mission trip before, but had never been to Asia, and had never traveled by himself. “I wanted to spend every moment I could with Joana while I was there, because once I left I didn’t know what would happen next,” Tyrel said. “All I knew was Joana was the one.”

Now six weeks into married life, Tyrel and Joana are looking forward to their first Christmas together in the United States. They have started a tradition that they hope to continue every year for the rest of their lives—packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. “And when we start having children, we want to involve them in packing boxes too,” said a smiling Tyrel as he held his wife’s hand. “I remember as a little boy, I was so excited to know the toys and other items I put in the box would bring joy to another child somewhere else in the world.

“I just didn’t know the joy it would bring back to me one day.”

The stories God puts in front of our eyes are amazing…

Here is one more from 12 stone church about Samaritans Purses Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes.

18,163 children will receive a box of joy thanks to you and your family’s compassion!

In addition to the 18k, we have sponsored 9,000 other children in Kenya who will learn about Jesus through a 12-lesson discipleship program!

These stories bring Hope to a world full of violence, lost people, hurting families, and people who are just plain sad. The world can be whatever your eyes see it as… it can be a pretty mountain setting in the Alpes, or it can be a slum in the middle of Tent City in Haiti. The world is large and is ready for some Hope to be brought upon it…

So today as you read this blog show a smile, be compassionate, bring kindness, and love on people today because you never know what that person is going through or how it will affect them and others later. We are called as Christians to love on others and show others the love of Christ by our words and actions! what better way to do this by Random acts of Kindness, or packing a shoe box for a child who cant celebrate Christmas?

SO this holiday season instead of GETING gifts and being thankful for them why not try GIVING gifts and being thankful you could be a part of a process of giving to people who don’t have?

Getting is good but Giving is better.

Now Im not saying don’t go say you don’t want anything for Christmas unless you truly feel God tugging at you to do that but give more than you get.

AND even past this Holiday season give more than you get… Blessings can be made from the smallest of McDonlads cheeseburgers to your fellow student at school who cant afford it, to the homeless man you give $20, or the house you help build for a family in Africa. Whatever you give you gave to someone in need and be thankful for what you have!

A bag from Walmart, a shoe box and a cheeseburger can go a long way to someone entering into a relationship with Christ…


Music taste

Lately I’ve only been into a few artist and I thought I would share them with everyone today!!


1) My number one artist I listen to right now is Sam Smith because his voice is gold.

2) My number two and is a close second Is Taylor Swift. She’s been my favorite for a long time

3) Jessy J is my third favorite. Her new album is gold and shows she’s not to be messed with

4) My fourth artist would be Lecrea because I love me some good rap!

5) My fifth would be Ariana Grande because she’s precious

6) Beyonce because she always belongs in your top 10

7) One direction because they are still good and kinda boyish

8) Hillsong because I love me some good worship music

9) My 9th pick is Echosmith because their debut album is fantastic not just their single!

10) finally but not last is We are Leo because they are a small christian band that noones ever heard of and I love them!

That’s my top 10 artist im listening to!!


The Walking Dead Season 5 Premier Cons & Pros | Lets Go!

The Walking Dead Season 5 just premiered Sunday evening and it was huge with over 17 million views on opening night and many after (most ever in the Walking Dead HISTORY!!!!). The Walking Dead has been a huge hit on TV ever since it made its debut in October of 2010 and has been running strong as one of the most popular TV shows airing currently! Also being one of my favorite shows ever on TV.

The Walking Dead season 5 premier showed us a few things we should either be concerned with or pleased with.

The Pleased with…

  • The first thing is the connection between the group (Rick’s crew) and the Terminus group. The connection was exactly what the quote everyone has been quoting is… “you’re either the butchers or the cattle.” This has significant impact on the rest of the season because it means that the group will not be tolerated with and will do and get what they want. They are fearless and strong.
  • The second thing was the number of new or  renewed characters that we got introduced to this episode.  These characters include…


  • 1) the blonde kid (Sam)  from the episode (Indifference) where Carol and Rick find Sam and Ana who have been moving a lot to survive and are accepted into the group but before they leave the housing development Ana is killed and Sam is lost. But we find out he has been found by the Terminus crew.
  • 2) Morgan is re-introduced at the end of the episode for maybe 30 seconds and we first see him in episode one Season one ( Days gone bye) and then again in episode 12 Season three ( Clear). He looks to be back in shape and ready to fight or join the crew maybe? His role in the past has been spotty but on the  Talking Dead after the show the producer said his role will be bigger this season. Maybe he’ll stay or maybe he’ll go…
  • 3) we saw some flashbacks of the citizens of Terminus and we saw their story of how they became who they were today…

The Concerns where…

  • First was that Beth Greene was not even mentioned in this episode at all. We saw her get taken or leave during the last episode of the forth season.  It was like she fell off the face of the earth and their minds.. especially from Daryl… which is strange and leads to many questions… Is Daryl in love with beth? or Carol? or no one? Does he even care about her? Was the time they spent together a joke? Is he too worried about Carol and the crew and just forgot? It is strange and werid as well..
  • The Last was a lot of the characters we were introduced to died in this episode including, Sam and most of the Terminus crew (that we saw) the guy Carol and Tyreese came a crossed.
  • Also a lot of Characters did not develop in this episode or even talk… strange that glen, maggie, Michonne, and the newer Characters (Rosita, Tara, Sasha, Abraham, and many more in our group) seems like we might loose some characters and possible gain a few new ones? or maybe loose some supporting members and gain none? or loose a lot and gain none…. who knows?

Over all the Season 5 Premier went amazing and blew my head away… I believe  it was the best episode of The Walking Dead yet.. Good job AMC and Robert Kirkmen and the rest of the crew! Also CAROL went nuts and that is always good to see one character stand out among the rest!

Have a great day!


I just watched a video on TED and the man brought up the question is religion real? He came up with an answer that was simple… No. But the thing that got me was that in his 12-14 min. talk he did not once mention what religion is about…

Now he told a story about Christianity but didn’t once mention Jesus. He also talked about Buddhism and didn’t mention Buddha. He talked about many religions and didn’t mention their “god” or “gods”

now my problem with this is that he didn’t mention the gods?!? Now I am going to focus in on Christianity since that is what I know most about as of today…

If you are going to talk about Christianity as a Religion mention Jesus or God. If you don’t you are not actually talking about Christianity. He is the center of it all.

What do you think? Message me on twitter at @sean_kem with the hashtag #CenterGod and let me know what you think!

Creation story thoughts.

I have began to read to creation story of the bible in Genesis and I have seen a very cool story line or plot in it.

Here it is…

God blessed the animals and birds of the earth before he blessed humans; and then blessed the land to bear fruit.

Does this have any actual meaning to it? Let’s take this step by step and examine it!!

God in the beginning of time did create things in 6 days and then had a day of rest for what he saw was good and he blessed it. That we know.

Then God created animals of the earth and sky first and blessed them first

Then God created man and woman and blessed us.

Then God blessed the land to bear fruit.

Woah. See it. It’s right there!

Do you see it? The moral of this story is this…

be humble, be thankful, be productive, [be good to the earth (animals and land) ] be fruitful

BE HUMBLE: humility is a tricky thing these days. But be humble because of what you’ve been given. It’s a blessing and a gift.

BE THANKFUL: Don’t take anything for granted!! God didn’t have to create us. He didn’t have to make us his children!

BE PRODUCTIVE: use the earth and animals in a productive Manner. Like farming or eating or as pets to keep safe. We are here on earth to worship God and to take care of his creation.

BE FRUITFUL: don’t let it all go to waist. Spread this blessing with others!!

So you see…

Little picture in a big frame time:

God blessed us after the animals and birds but before the land. Respect his creations. Rule over his creations and take care of them. Share the creation and blessing don’t spoil yourself!

God is good. And good all the time.

Blessed. Be blessed.

Thank you!


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