Gaming Nerd vs. school Nerd

Nerd. This word has been used so many times in today’s language. When you think of a nerd it’s usually a young man who’s in high school who has a 4.9 GPA and loves history, math, and English. He reads to many books and does every piece of homework. He gets 100%’s on every test and project. But this is just a fantasy.

Nerds today are young guys and girls who love gaming. Anything from minecraft to role playing to ps4’s and board games. We love to have fun and play games. You have your D&D players, minecrafters, sims players, and skyrim heros. They are the people who make play station and xbox thrive.

Gamers love playing and having fun. Being a nerd is no longer a short skinny kid in math class, it is the normal joe who likes to go to comic con and meet Jason David Frank!

Oh that’s the other thing instead of reading Romeo and Juliette. Us nerds read comics like The Advengers, or X-Men. We love comic books and mangas.

Videogames, tv shows, comic books, and other fantasy loving things are what we strive for!!

Nerds For The Win! NFTW!


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