Laziness or just our ways?

The question today is, Are people lazy on purpose or is that just the way humans are created?

In today’s world people are lazy. We have remote controls for the tv, lights, and everything In between. We use these “tools” so we don’t have to get up and do them. So can we really consider these tools?

I believe it is in our nature as humans to be lazy. Now to be a couch potato that is completely up to you. God created man then man worked the land. Adam, Kane, and Abel all were farmers and hunters. They went out and worked to do things. They also didn’t have guns or bows to kill the animals. They had swords and sling shots. When they farmed they got on their hands and knees to dig and harvest.

Now am I saying that using a gun or a farming vehicle is wrong? No. I am saying that the motive to not get your hands dirty is. We as humans want to use something else to get the job done not use or own hands.

We want the job done perfectly and fast with your hands that’s not possible but with equipment it is. We are also slow paced. Humans Wernt meant to run run run and run. We were meant to run run rest run run rest. Rest is the key to this topic.

Rest. What is that exactly? Reading, snoozing, closing your eyes, or sitting on the back Porch. There are different ways to rest. I believe it falls into 2 types. Sleeping and relaxing.

We need sleep and we like relaxing. When your done working a 9 hour shift you need rest. Whether that’s sleep or that’s a cold sprite watching tv it’s rest!

Some people take rest a steep forward and make it a 3-5 hour event. Now after a long day I would do that too but for a 24 hour day were you sleep about 7-9 hours then work about 7-9 and that leaves you with… 14-18 hours of your day gone!! You only have about 7-10 hours left in your day. If you have a family about half of that is devoted to that you only have 3-5 hour left.

Do you take that time to sleep, rest, or be lazy? Most people choose lazy. I would choose read a book, watch tv, play with my children, workout, or eat… Joke. But really you dont
Need 10-14 hours of sleep, 3-6 hours of tv or videogames. It is crazy!

Laziness is when you take a chunk of time and waste it. Now am I saying videogames or tv is wasteful no I love gaming But when you play halo for 9
Hours at night that’s lazy. When you take 3, 5hour naps a day that’s lazy. When you eat 5 meals a day that’s lazy.

Motivation and your intention is what makes or break laziness. So are humans naturally lazy? Yes. Do you have to be no.

Thank for reading!

God bless!


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