Working out.

I’ve been working out for the last 4 days and it’s going great!! I feel great and I hope I look great!

When I was working out I just got the overwhelming sense of he much God wants you too keep your body in shape!

God has called your body a temple and you new to keep your temple safe and healthy. That’s why smoking, drinking, and eating in excessive amounts are horrible. (My opinion drinking and smoking are horrible for you) but they are all bad.

God made your body so you can worship and love him! Not so you can fill it with horrible things! That goes for your brain as well! Keep smart! Keep active!

God did not intend for you to eat a whole package or Oreos or smoke cigars or drink alcohol an get wasted. He created it so you can worship, love and spread his love fully and to the best of your ability!

Respect your body, put veggies and fruits into it, put air into it, and put water into it! So next time you think about smoking or drinking think about your body as a temple and don’t destroy it like the Mayans or Egyptians.



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