So for today’s Blog entry I was trying to think of what to write about… And nothing popped into my head. So I decided to write about a lot of little things in one. Here we go.

1) bucket lists are possibly one of the most greatest things ever invented because it’s the best way to keep your life on track! Think about it if you have a paper with 70 things listed on it you are going to do them and you wont do other stupid things! Because you already have so much to do! It’s smart.

2) I think I have an obsession with clothes. I have about 30-40 T-Shirts, 10-14 pairs of shoes, 6 jeans, and like 30 sweaters and sweatshirts and coats. So my closet at school is overfilled with clothes. But if anyone has any size Large or X-Large clothes you don’t want drop them off I’ll wear it! 🙂

3) I heard one time that hick uping is good for you… Like it makes you exercise and possibly loose calories. Or loose your nutts and bults in your brain!! It’s obvs not good for you…

4) I really want to eat but don’t know what… Daily struggle for everyone in College when it’s not a meal time!!!

5) I love wearing hoodies to bed because it’s like another blanket. I love it!

6) I also love Instagram and twitter if you wanna add me?
K thanks byeee

Well that’s all I’ve got for today. Maybe I’ll blog later today too…. Who knows I don’t even have any plans for today! Bye


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