The first photo I ever took with my IPhone back in my Junior year and when I thought I was good at Photography...

Does God call us, send us, or does both?

A Calling... What does this exactly mean? Does it mean to be called or have a calling on your life? I am going to explore these questions and also explain why We should Go when God calls us.  So lets start with the question Does God call us?Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them... Continue Reading →

Why do we use Social Media?

Social Media has become an amazing tool. You can use social media to connect with family members on Facebook. You can also connect to other people who believe what you believe on Twitter. You can also connect with amazing photographers who give you inspirations on Instagram. You can Snapchat people messages and people will get... Continue Reading →


Speak up. We all have a voice. Weather your a boy or a girl. No matter your age. No matter what, you have a voice. Speak it. Say what you want. Don't let people put your voice away. As a Christian I have a voice to stand up for Injustice and a voice to speak... Continue Reading →

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