Speak up.

We all have a voice. Weather your a boy or a girl. No matter your age. No matter what, you have a voice. Speak it. Say what you want. Don’t let people put your voice away.

As a Christian I have a voice to stand up for Injustice and a voice to speak the word of God to many people! I am
Called to speak and help grow people.

The tongue has many effects on people. It can be used for good or evil. The tongue has been used for wars, decide, evilness, and wickedness. But the tongue can be used for good. To love, to be kind, to fix a heart, to cheer someone up, or to save someone’s life.

Use your tongue and use it for good. Use it to spread the word of God and of love. The word of unity, and help. The word of acceptance, and kindness. Do it. Do it right. Do it with goodness. Speak up. You never know you could be saving someone’s life.


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