Vloging blogging or whatever floats your raft…

For me I have found that I hate journaling…. But for some odd reason I love to blog and Vlog! I’m not sure what it is about Vloging and blogging I love but it’s amazing. It’s a new way to write and it’s fantastic!

I never use to like to write or read or journal at all. But it’s fantastic. Vloging I like because I talk so much. Lolol. But blogging just makes me feel so free. People read your post so they can be entertained and I like to entertain. Maybe that’s it. Or maybe it’s because I’m funny. Wanna hear a joke?

Knock knock
Who’s there
Steve who
Steve who is that behind y….( BANG) Oh bye Steve… (Shuts door)

See I’m kind of funny. Except that was not funny but it was a anti joke so please anti LAUPH! Thank you 🙂

It’s changed my life.

Please look up my Vlog on youtube called “the Drake and Sean show” it’s funny new videos out some Fridays haha! 2 college kids talking about stuff.

Thanks everyone have a good day!

Tell Steve I said hi…. I miss him.


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