Why do we use Social Media?

Social Media has become an amazing tool. You can use social media to connect with family members on Facebook. You can also connect to other people who believe what you believe on Twitter. You can also connect with amazing photographers who give you inspirations on Instagram. You can Snapchat people messages and people will get them faster than a call. You can also post funny videos of your cat trying to jump threw your hands on Vine and get a good laugh. The question still remains are we using Social Media to its fullest or using it correctly? 

I am not sure if this generation is truly using social medias to their advantage or using it correctly. I believe that the social media industrial with includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Vine, could be used for such amazing uses not just for what they are used for now. Am i saying that getting a laugh out of a cat trying to swim on Vine is wrong ,No. What i am saying is that on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for example can be used in better ways. 

I am a Christian so naturally i am going to say that these media sites should be used to further God’s Kingdom but i also believe they can be used to further the goodness of the human race. If you were to post on Instagram a picture and a caption that were to have a message for all the people to see it that would be amazing! it would have the possibility of changing so many lives. You can post something on Twitter with a interesting Hashtag that makes peoples day and get a few people to retweet or favorite it and change some lives as well. 

All i am saying is that we should be putting more thought into what we are posting on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram. There are some amazing apps out there that are pushing this App frenzy to the fence and saying there is more out there then just a good laugh and some funny sayings. Take a look at the App called Pauwow for example. It is an app that allows you to post questions and other people can answer them. Take this for example as well, i posted a questions stating “Is God real?” 5 people have seen it and all have said Yes. Even though these 5 people could mostly be Christians i could have given them a new hope or a new outlook on life because of this question. The little things matter. 

The other day i posted a picture of me (a selfie) that had a caption stating that God has taken my selfishness that i had struggled with before away and i was posting a selfless selfie. Its a new term i have come up with… its a bit heretical but it gets a point a crossed. But 25 or so people liked it. So the little things you post could mean the world to people who follow or like your things. 

In my circle of Social Media sites which include, Twitter, Instagram, Kik, Mobli, Tumblr, Vine, WordPress, Pinterest Snapchat, Facebook, i have about 2,860 Followers and viewers. This much influence of Christ in the world could and should make a difference only if i make it happen… I need to trust in the Lord and i need to Follow his ways. God gave us technology and fingers so why not use them!!

So in my final words to all of you is 5 things

1) Choose what you say carefully and say it wisely

2) Influence the people around you in a Good way

3) Remember the people who follow you are all insecure in one area or another and need encouragement

4)  Pick people up and don’t use humor only if you know them, some people don’t think its funny 

5) Be kind, Be happy, Be loving, Be gentle, Be YOU


So that’s it for this journal…

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Thanks God Bless!!!! 


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