Does God call us, send us, or does both?

A Calling... 

What does this exactly mean? Does it mean to be called or have a calling on your life? I am going to explore these questions and also explain why We should Go when God calls us. 


So lets start with the question Does God call us?

Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

This is a command for us (Christians, Believers, disciples) to go out into all the nations (the world, or your specific calling in the world). Now lets break down this verse a bit more and go through it…


Disciples are believers in Christ or Christians. Back then the disciples were under persecution as are some today but they did not act like we did, so when the verse says to go out and make disciples of all the nations its easy for them to do that while for Christians today it isn’t because no one is teaching them how to disciple someone. These days many Christians are not grown up in the church and are not taught from a young age what discipleship or evangelism is or how to effectively communicate that. Most Christians in the local church today are people who are brought in off the streets and learn a “modern” way of Christianity. It is a hip or cool way to be a Christian and that is what is on fire for people today. 

As Christians who i would call “Old school” or “classic” Christians we need to teach the new “modern” and “hip” Christians what discipleship and evangelism is and teach them how to do these effectively. Now am i saying these modern Christians dumb or bad Christians, No. Old school Christians can learn so much about evangelism because they are living in the times of the culture and we are not. Now as a 19 year old College student who loves secular music, Comic books, movies, TV Shows and everything in between I can say that I am a mixture of the Old school and Modern Christian.My generation is the voice that is being heard today. 


Now to address the Nations or the world. The word Nations usually mean a crossed the seas. Nations just means Go. God calls us to Go into the Nations! Nations can be your home, your backyard, your school, your work place, your city, your state, or overseas. Nations is where ever anyone is called to go .So when God calls you somewhere then GO!! Go where ever you are called, go to your nations, go into the nations. 


“Baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”…what does this have to do with anything? The baptizing of water and a spiritual baptism is important. Baptizing of Water usually comes first then you are baptized in a spiritual way. The baptism of water is something that we as Christians do to show the church and our peers that we are Christians and we are going to live the life of a Christian. The spiritual baptism is something that happens inside of you that, I believe happens right after or near the time of your water baptism. 


Does God send us? 


I believe that by God calling us to Go in to all the nations and make disciples, he is also sending us. He sends us different places but we are all sent. We are a sent peoples… if you have ever heard that saying. But God sends you to your neighbors, to your work places, your home, your city, maybe over seas, or just another country. God sends us and we Go. We have a calling and we should listen. 


So to answer the question of the topic of this issue does God call or send us or both? God calls you to make disciples of all the nations and he Sends us places around the globe or in your country! 


Thanks for reading hope you have a blessed day and by reading this is will help you in your ministry or in your walk with God. 



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