My Ideal (Perfect) Church or Church Plant

I have had this idea of a church or church plant in my head that I would totally want to work at one day and I want to share it with all of you! This includes so much and i’m so excited! 


Shall I start with the ministries that the church would be offering…

1) Youth Ministry 2) Children’s Ministry 3) Small Groups 4) Strong discipleship package 5) A sub station and a general store and coffee shop 6) A Family ministry 7) Counseling sessions 

All of these ministries will effect the community where my church will be… by the way lets talk about the church itself!!

The Vine church. God says that if we stray from the vine we will never produce good fruit… so stay at the Vine church and learn and grow and produce good fruits. John 15:1-8

The church will be planted in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!

A little info on Pittsburgh for you…

  •  Pittsburgh has a population of 306,211
  • is the second-largest city in the U.S. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • Has a large crime rate 

1) Youth Ministry- there are many teenagers in Pittsburgh so i would like to have a youth program that has a 4 step program called “The Walk of Your Life” Step 1. Give it up Step 2. Accept the Call Step 3. Learn about it Step 4. Go and Tell It 

2) Children’s Ministry- With teens and families there comes children. The children’s program will include a series on characters of the bible, main stories, and major themes to help them grow including, honoring your mother and father, loving one another, etc.

3) Small Groups-  Small groups will continue on the questions and discussions of the main service sermon

4) Discipleship package-  To go along with the small groups and to also show new believers insights on questions they might have 

5) Sub station, General store, Coffee Shop- sub station as a means to give work to people in the community and the store does the same. the money made in these places goes back to paying for the workers and the work its self and also to build other work places and to pay for community members needs 

6) Family Ministry- For the family to grow closer together for the home as well. also to bring out anything that needs to be said 

7) counseling sessions- If counseling is needed we have councilors and psychiatrist to talk to people and not just from the church from the community too


Well this is The Vine Church… Welcome to my dream, And to Gods… God bless 




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