The internship ideas…

Well I just got finished watching the movie “the internship” which is an incredible movie, a few inappropriate scenes but over all so good. It’s super funny and it also tells an amazing story! It also got me thinking….

A few points on my mind

1) we are like the main characters in the movie. Most people are not smart ( like a genus) and we still have amazing ideas. If you have an idea or though or something amazing in your head please say it out loud or write it down! It is totally worth it…

“The smartest can think through extreme problems. The smart can think and solve problems. The normals can think. But the people inspire!”

2) we need to start striving for our dreams! Even if your dream is to go to Asia go. Even if you want to drive a race car go. Even if you want to “save the world” go. Try. Do it. Don’t give up.

“Go. Try. Do it. Don’t give up. Try again.”

3. Please if the possibly seems impossible work out the kinks. You might have heard the term “loop hole” well find that. If you feel like your dream or your job or your family has nothing left or is impossibly to fix… Look for the loop hole…

Now for me this is Jesus. He fills my emptiness, he carries me, he takes my failures and burdens and he’s always there. Jesus can be there for you too! Just ask and you will receive.

“Get the wretch and work out the kinks”

4. If you can’t get to your dream right away find something near your dream.
For Example… A internship, is before a job usually… So start small take pictures on your iphone and post them to Instagram then move on to your own business and then you’ll be a photographer for a magazine.

“Start small then build up”

Well that’s all I got. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine @ Sean_Kem

Thanks God Bless!!!


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