30 Hour Famine ( debrief)

We’ll for the last 30 hours we’ve done a fast from food. The kids at youth group have also tried to raise money for an organisation called “world hope” and they help to feed children across the world. So we are in our last two hours.

We are hungry. We are tired. We are exhausted.

We are all ready to go and be done. But the reason behind what we are doing is to help raise not just money but awareness to what hungry looks, feels, and is like.

We have done games and have had sleeping arrangements where we feel and are homeless hungry and tired. It is not a joke. It’s crazy.

Feels amazing. This is my third year and I know it’s amazing but being a leader is harder because I can cheat and have opportunities to all the time.

But God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good. Praise The Lord for being amazing and keeping us safe an healthy during our fasting.

A few hours and we eat once again. Try and remember why we did this and how you felt.

Change the world. Make a difference. It starts with you saying or doing something.


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