Busy life…

Life has gotten busy for me lately and I haven’t written a blog for a few reasons including 1) I’m
Busy 2) laziness 3) and the big one I’m
Not sure what to write about still.

Most people use a blog to promote something or use it I get their feelings out or talk about something they are passionate about. I’m in the middle. I’m promoting myself ( social medias) and Jesus Christ! I’m also writing to get my feelings out sometimes. But I also want to write about stuff I’m passionate about.

The place I get confused is that my promotion, feelings, and passionate things all fall under one category usually… Christianity.

Now hear me out. I don’t want to condemn people but I do want to shed light. I would love to expound on ideas and theologies and philosophies and different religions and different aspects of history of the era of Christ!

I just want to do that all and that is what I am usually thinking or feeling and I dot need to vent because y venting is me writing about those things which I’m passionate about. Except for this post. So I’m a hypocrite and should stop Talking but I won’t.

I really wanna know if people would actually listen to my blog or if they would just not care. I’m Not only writing for my sake but for others as well. Maybe I should just post on Facebook or Twitter. More people go there then here I suppose.

Well my ranting and raving is over. Thank you for listening and I suppose except more God post and more Superhero post and less of anything else. I’m a nerdy Christian I suppose


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