Top 4 TV shows I’m watching right now…

In favorite order…

1) “The Walking Dead” this is a zombie show that follows the story of a father and son and their group of friends and survivors. The show has just ended their 4th season and it is based upon a comic series.

2) “The Vampire Diaries” this is a show about a group of friends, who are also Vampires, Ware wolfs, whiches and humans, who are trying to save the world too many missions at a time.

3) “The 100” is a show about the human races survival in outer space because the earth has become unlivable. Now they have sent 100 young criminals down to earth to see of they can survive while the other humans are trying to remain alive on board

4) “Glee” this is a show about a high school singing group and the drama behind their whole lives


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