Creation story thoughts.

I have began to read to creation story of the bible in Genesis and I have seen a very cool story line or plot in it.

Here it is…

God blessed the animals and birds of the earth before he blessed humans; and then blessed the land to bear fruit.

Does this have any actual meaning to it? Let’s take this step by step and examine it!!

God in the beginning of time did create things in 6 days and then had a day of rest for what he saw was good and he blessed it. That we know.

Then God created animals of the earth and sky first and blessed them first

Then God created man and woman and blessed us.

Then God blessed the land to bear fruit.

Woah. See it. It’s right there!

Do you see it? The moral of this story is this…

be humble, be thankful, be productive, [be good to the earth (animals and land) ] be fruitful

BE HUMBLE: humility is a tricky thing these days. But be humble because of what you’ve been given. It’s a blessing and a gift.

BE THANKFUL: Don’t take anything for granted!! God didn’t have to create us. He didn’t have to make us his children!

BE PRODUCTIVE: use the earth and animals in a productive Manner. Like farming or eating or as pets to keep safe. We are here on earth to worship God and to take care of his creation.

BE FRUITFUL: don’t let it all go to waist. Spread this blessing with others!!

So you see…

Little picture in a big frame time:

God blessed us after the animals and birds but before the land. Respect his creations. Rule over his creations and take care of them. Share the creation and blessing don’t spoil yourself!

God is good. And good all the time.

Blessed. Be blessed.

Thank you!


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