The Walking Dead Season 5 Premier Cons & Pros | Lets Go!

The Walking Dead Season 5 just premiered Sunday evening and it was huge with over 17 million views on opening night and many after (most ever in the Walking Dead HISTORY!!!!). The Walking Dead has been a huge hit on TV ever since it made its debut in October of 2010 and has been running strong as one of the most popular TV shows airing currently! Also being one of my favorite shows ever on TV.

The Walking Dead season 5 premier showed us a few things we should either be concerned with or pleased with.

The Pleased with…

  • The first thing is the connection between the group (Rick’s crew) and the Terminus group. The connection was exactly what the quote everyone has been quoting is… “you’re either the butchers or the cattle.” This has significant impact on the rest of the season because it means that the group will not be tolerated with and will do and get what they want. They are fearless and strong.
  • The second thing was the number of new or  renewed characters that we got introduced to this episode.  These characters include…


  • 1) the blonde kid (Sam)  from the episode (Indifference) where Carol and Rick find Sam and Ana who have been moving a lot to survive and are accepted into the group but before they leave the housing development Ana is killed and Sam is lost. But we find out he has been found by the Terminus crew.
  • 2) Morgan is re-introduced at the end of the episode for maybe 30 seconds and we first see him in episode one Season one ( Days gone bye) and then again in episode 12 Season three ( Clear). He looks to be back in shape and ready to fight or join the crew maybe? His role in the past has been spotty but on the  Talking Dead after the show the producer said his role will be bigger this season. Maybe he’ll stay or maybe he’ll go…
  • 3) we saw some flashbacks of the citizens of Terminus and we saw their story of how they became who they were today…

The Concerns where…

  • First was that Beth Greene was not even mentioned in this episode at all. We saw her get taken or leave during the last episode of the forth season.  It was like she fell off the face of the earth and their minds.. especially from Daryl… which is strange and leads to many questions… Is Daryl in love with beth? or Carol? or no one? Does he even care about her? Was the time they spent together a joke? Is he too worried about Carol and the crew and just forgot? It is strange and werid as well..
  • The Last was a lot of the characters we were introduced to died in this episode including, Sam and most of the Terminus crew (that we saw) the guy Carol and Tyreese came a crossed.
  • Also a lot of Characters did not develop in this episode or even talk… strange that glen, maggie, Michonne, and the newer Characters (Rosita, Tara, Sasha, Abraham, and many more in our group) seems like we might loose some characters and possible gain a few new ones? or maybe loose some supporting members and gain none? or loose a lot and gain none…. who knows?

Over all the Season 5 Premier went amazing and blew my head away… I believe  it was the best episode of The Walking Dead yet.. Good job AMC and Robert Kirkmen and the rest of the crew! Also CAROL went nuts and that is always good to see one character stand out among the rest!

Have a great day!


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