Music taste

Lately I’ve only been into a few artist and I thought I would share them with everyone today!!


1) My number one artist I listen to right now is Sam Smith because his voice is gold.

2) My number two and is a close second Is Taylor Swift. She’s been my favorite for a long time

3) Jessy J is my third favorite. Her new album is gold and shows she’s not to be messed with

4) My fourth artist would be Lecrea because I love me some good rap!

5) My fifth would be Ariana Grande because she’s precious

6) Beyonce because she always belongs in your top 10

7) One direction because they are still good and kinda boyish

8) Hillsong because I love me some good worship music

9) My 9th pick is Echosmith because their debut album is fantastic not just their single!

10) finally but not last is We are Leo because they are a small christian band that noones ever heard of and I love them!

That’s my top 10 artist im listening to!!



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