The Walking Dead Mid-Season Review

The walking dead has come to a brief end and we find our selves lost for words…

Beth is dead.
The crew is together
Broken but together…
Lies have been told
Truths are yet to be seen
Hope is in the distance
Covered in blood stained letters.

It’s crazy with the amount of metaphors that were in the show …

1) Beth dieing symbolizes the groups Dieing of this area and moving on
2) the 3 major enemies of the season showed us 3 things
1) terminus- stayed strong until powerhouse came in/ can’t survive as a large group
2) Brother Gabriel- stayed locked up/ can’t survive alone
3) Hospital- Helped others survive/ crumbled beneath their feet.
3) Morgan is hope and life
4) our story means everything (bobs leg, Beth’s body, the church, the fire truck)
5) the group is still together ( they always come back at the hardest moments to get each other through it)

Then you have Ricks group…
The survivors of the world… Through the thick and thin, the blood and guts, alive or dead, and many lost members they still are a group and hold strong in numbers and strength…

Family survives not groups
Family survives not communities
Family survives not single members

This group is tough, rough, and will do whatever it takes to live.

This series has gone from
A small family fighting zombies to
A body of people fighting each other and zombie to
A group fighting zombies to
Two groups fighting each other to
A group surviving while fighting others and zombies

It’s not only about the zombies but also about other survivors and people

Life is death.
Death is life

choose one….


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