3:16 The Numbers of Hope. A book by Max Lucado. Review

The Numbers of Hope that every person on this planet needs.

The Numbers of Hope that change lives.

The Numbers of Hope


This book by Max Lucado invites us to embark on a journey down a simple bible verse that is what Christians focus our faith upon. The bible verse this book focuses on is John 3:16 which states

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

This bible verse and this book focus on many different parts and points of this verse but i want to highlight a few that i thought were mind blowing or important.

Number 1. “For God so loved the world: Chapter 3”

God does not know fear. But we as humans know fear too well.

God sends “Exodus-level demonstrations of Power: Sunsets, Starry Nights, Immeasurable Oceans, Air-Drop Blessings (Manna) and Red Sea-caliber problems (Moses and the Crossing of the Read Sea) ( Lucado 2007, 23).

Because of fear we turn to Cow-Worshiping (Golden Calf: people of God didn’t trust in God so they worshipped a new god) instead of worshiping our God fearing King.

Number 2. “For God so loved the world: Chapter 4”

Humans use the word Love to describe things from our TV shows, to our wives and husbands, to our electronics, and to food…

Hasaq in Hebrew means “tethered love”

God did not choose his people because “were big and important… he did it our of sheer love, keeping the promise he made to our ancestors (Deut. 7:7-8)” (Lucado 2007, 35).

Agape is a greek term that means the same as Hasaq But less an affection more a decision and less a feeling more an action.

“Love explains why he came. Love explains how he endured” (Luacdo 2007, 39).

Number 3. “He Gave his One and Only Son: Chapter 5”

“Jesus dosent boast in his knowledge; he shares it. He doesn’t gloat; he gives. He doesn’t revel; he reveals. He reveals to us the secrets of eternity” (Lucado 2007, 49).

Number 4. “Whoever Believes in Him shall not Perish: Chapter 10”

Perishing is a popular topic in the bible but not when Christians are spreading the gospel…

The one thing standing between YOU and HELL is the word PERISH. (Lucado 2007, 95).

Hell is a real place like Heaven. It is not just a state of mind or a metaphysical dimension of floating spirits but a place populated by real beings (Lucado 2007, 95).

Words surrounding this chapter:

Perish. Destroy. Eternal. 

Hell and Heaven are ETERNAL Consequences and the Earth will PERISH but nothing will be DESTROYED for it is Gods creation and he said “It is good”. God would not just Destroy the Earth and Heaven and he definitely would not destroy Hell for if the souls who are saved live an eternal life of love and awesomeness then the ones who are not eternally live in fire and sinfulness

Number 5. “Shall not Perish but have Eternal Life: Chapter 11”

Destruction does not mean elimination and our bodies provide a prototype of the Earth.

“They will pass away, return to dust. Yet the one who called Adam our of a dirt pile will do so with us. (Lucado 2007, 107)

Will our Ashes and remain create a “new earth” or just be returned to the Earth? Like a recycling process…

-God grants glimpses to our new home

-Gold- Drenched Sunsets

-Diamond- studded night skies

-Rainbows arched in splendor

We will have assignments in heaven and wont be bored ( Adam and Eve had responsibilities and so shall we when we return home) (Tend and Keep It)

Number 6. “Shall not Perish but have Eternal Life: Chapter 12”


“God gifted the camel with a hump, and the giraffe with a flagpole neck but he reserved his breath or a soul for you” (Lucado 2007, 118).

We are special beings to God not only because he created us but also because he created us for a special reason

Jesus was raised from the dead and that is where we get our new life.

Jesus rose.

Jesus has been to Nazareth

Jesus has been to Bethlehem

Jesus was born.


God So Loved…

Believes in Him…

Shall not Perish…

Eternal Life…

This book brings three words to my mind…


  • Brings it
  • Recognizes it


  • Knows it
  • Have it


  • Eternal
  • In Him Alone

I hope this book review has helped process the information inside 200 some pages of an intense walkthrough of Hope… Please give it a read or at least glance at it.

Be Blessed


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