Top Ten Tunes Tuesday! T4

Welcome Everyone! Thank you for stoping by and reading my blog today! Today is T4 or Top Ten Tunes Tuesday! Thank you again for coming by and please stop by again on Friday for my Youth Group Adventures and on Sunday for The Gathering  Here we go!!! 1. Taylor Swift Wonderland  Taylor Swift makes it... Continue Reading →


Inklings Group

Hello everyone! This is an exercise off of my inklings or writing group from school i thought it was amazing! Here you go! Inklings Group  These are the words we used to create our thoughts and ideas and stories. Crown-  buttercup- yellow flower forfeit- giving up set- cause to sit in place Abbey- a monetary rout-... Continue Reading →

The Gathering

Hello Bloggers and Readers alike! Sorry this is late! I just wanted to say a few words before i start this installment of my new series! Each one of my theme days may be moved a day or two ahead or behind depending on my week schedule and depending on where I am I may... Continue Reading →

Fridays Lesson!

Hello everyone!! Im sorry that this weeks installment Fridays Lesson is late but i have been busy!! Friday lessons are a post about a lesson i'm learning during the week and i'm so excited for this posting because Testimonies are important in life. So the lesson that I've been learning about a lot this week is... To... Continue Reading →

Youth Group Adventures

Well hello again everyone! Im very excited to present the second installment of my "new" reamped blog which is.... Youth Group Thursday Adventures  This installment is where I talk about my Youth group adventure for the semester. I love youth groups and I am currently apart and a leader of a youth group near my... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tunes Tuesday (T4)

Welcome to my newest installment of my Blog: The Life Of Sean_Kem!! Todays Read is called: Top Ten Tunes Tuesday (or T4!!) This is my "new" Blog, it is like a rebirth or a re-amping of my blog I have been writing over that past few years. I never use to be a constant writer until... Continue Reading →

Hello Everyone!

Well hello everyone!!! I have not written in a long time and that is because of two reasons. I have been so busy and I have not taken the blogging seriously. But i am going to start writing weekly and possibly a few times a week! So now to start this blog off right these are... Continue Reading →

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