Inklings Group

Hello everyone! This is an exercise off of my inklings or writing group from school i thought it was amazing! Here you go! Inklings Group  These are the words we used to create our thoughts and ideas and stories. Crown-  buttercup- yellow flower forfeit- giving up set- cause to sit in place Abbey- a monetary rout- … More Inklings Group

The Gathering

Hello Bloggers and Readers alike! Sorry this is late! I just wanted to say a few words before i start this installment of my new series! Each one of my theme days may be moved a day or two ahead or behind depending on my week schedule and depending on where I am I may … More The Gathering

Fridays Lesson!

Hello everyone!! Im sorry that this weeks installment Fridays Lesson is late but i have been busy!! Friday lessons are a post about a lesson i’m learning during the week and i’m so excited for this posting because Testimonies are important in life. So the lesson that I’ve been learning about a lot this week is… To … More Fridays Lesson!

Hello Everyone!

Well hello everyone!!! I have not written in a long time and that is because of two reasons. I have been so busy and I have not taken the blogging seriously. But i am going to start writing weekly and possibly a few times a week! So now to start this blog off right these are … More Hello Everyone!