Hello Everyone!

Well hello everyone!!!

I have not written in a long time and that is because of two reasons. I have been so busy and I have not taken the blogging seriously. But i am going to start writing weekly and possibly a few times a week! So now to start this blog off right these are the days i will be posting (hopefully!) and each has a Theme to it!!

Tuesday: Top 10 Tunes Tuesday 

This day is all about the music I am listening to this week and my top ten songs and artist i have been listening too. Now this will not be a Top 10 songs out that week it will be the Top 10 songs and artist I listen to that week. (I love music)

Thursday: My Youth Group adventures this semester 

This semester ( and the last 2 and 1/2 years)  I am (have)  helping out at a local youth group here in Sussex, NB. I will be posting about the night and things I realize during the night and the insights God gives to us. I will also be posting my sermons I prepare on these days!!

Friday: Lessons of the week 

things that I am learning from this week from my life i will be posting here! I am so excited about this day and post because Testimonies have become something so strong in my life and I am ready to share my story and my life with you all!

Sunday: The Gathering

This day and post will be about my own personal devotions that I am currently reading through. So excited for this as well because I am going to be processing what I am diving into and what I am learning about from Gods word and from a book called Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

I really hope that this adventure will be fun for all of us and a growing experience for me and you!

Look for the first installment of this adventure tonight with Top 10 Tunes Tuesday 


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