Top Ten Tunes Tuesday (T4)

Welcome to my newest installment of my Blog: The Life Of Sean_Kem!!

Todays Read is called:

Top Ten Tunes Tuesday (or T4!!)

This is my “new” Blog, it is like a rebirth or a re-amping of my blog I have been writing over that past few years. I never use to be a constant writer until now… I see Blogging as an experience that will help me grow and hopefully help others to grow or find a hope they are in need of and of course but FIRST pointing people towards Jesus. I am doing a themed style of writing days where I will sometimes randomly post if I feel the need or have something to talk about!

Please come back on Thursday’s for my Youth Group Experience blog and Friday’s for the lesson of the week blog which will be things i’m learning from my week and closing out the week on Sunday’s for my The Gathering experience to dive into my personal devotions i’m doing this week!!

 Lets start it off with the TOP TEN TUNES I Listened to this week!

1. Let it go by James Bay.

This song and artist is so amazing. His voice sounds like Amazing quality and is actually filled with talent. James Bay is a singer/ songwriter who has Three amazing EP’s out that I would suggest to anyone who loves John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, or is a fan of the singer/songwriter category!! His debut album was just released on Itunes and is a worthy buy!

2. Helplessly by Tatiana Manaolis. 

Tatiana is a small artist in the music industry, but she is popular on the App “Vine”. She has over 258,000 followers on the app and has over 2 million views on her original song “Helplessly’s” post and on the Itunes chart. Her voice sounds like angels singing and is Great! She is very talented and is not yet a “superstar” but is talented beyond belief and will one day be on the big screen and on everyones iPhones and music radars!

3. Pieces (Hushed) by Andrew Belle.

Such an amazing song and is so filled with amazing beats and tunes. I love how the song is exclaiming the love for someone and sounds and feels like a true anthem to love. Andrew Belles voice is so on point with todays trends and the music to the song is so jazzy, and light it is great. Andrew is not a well known artist but to me he should be.

4. Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding.

This song is from “50 shades of grey” movie  (which I do not indorse what so ever) BUT…  THIS SONG IS SO CATCHY!! Her voice in this is floating through the clouds and is superb to the max. The song itself is good as well and the lyrics talk about the love you have for someone and dives a bit too deep and much for me but its so catchy and sounds great with the beats and choir in the background!! Great song Great artist but horrible image…

5. Scars by James Bay. 

I know that James Bay is already on this countdown but this song is too good not to make it! Scars is about how we all have scars in our lives and we live through them and we make that choice. Scars is a great work of art and his voice is still fantastic in this track. He is an up and coming artist and this song is a testament towards that.

6. FourFiveSeconds by Rhianna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

Now this song is debatable about how far up the scale it should be but is too catchy. The lyrics and the way the song is presented is weird and so amazing at the same time. A rapper, R&B and Rock artist come together to make this baby of awesomeness in the musical world. It is great and strange in its own ways that make this song perfect. The artist need no public praise because they are all fantastic and everyone knows it. The collaboration is great and is well put together.

7. Geronimo by Sheppard.

This is a fairly new band to me and to the music industry. As a family group who made a wonderful song this song should be praised and put on this Top Ten Tunes. This song is so good. words almost don’t describe how good… except AWESOMLY FANTASTIC!  The voices of the family members obviously flow together as clear as crystal waterfall. I love this song and I am constantly listening to it all the time! The beat is fantastic and makes you wanna dance.

8. Fire N Gold by Bea Miller.

Bea Miller is a young sassy woman who’s voice is too good for us to handle. Fire n Gold is very popular on Vine and is popular in general. Her new EP Young Blood has risen up the Itunes charts and is doing great. I am Looking forward to seeing more and more from Bea Miller in the future and in the upcoming months! She could be the next Beyonce or Taylor Swift in a few years of experience and training!

9. Say i wont by Lecrea ft. Andy Mineo. 

This Rap song is boss. The beat and message behind it is so good. Lecrea and Andy Mineo are the top Christian rappers and songwriters in the industry. I love this song and the message behind it. It is also the only Christian song to make my top 10 tunes list this week! I love this track so much! Its my workout song, my homework song, and any other thing that i need to get PUMPED FOR!!!! So good. So boss. Beats too good. Artist too real. Overall SO GREAT! 

10. We Digress by Michael J. Welton.  

This is a song from one of my personal friends and he made it on this list purely for his voice that sounds like Gold. This song is so good and is also one of the best songs I have ever heard. His singer/song writer mentality will get him some where some day!! His voice and lyrics are on point and he is a great new artist. Check him out and really give him a listen. He is truly a contender in the music industry of small artist and hopefully will be a superstar one day!

This is my Top Ten Tunes for Tuesday!!

Come back next Tuesday to see who stays on my Top Ten or who will replace these artist and songs!! Each Tuesday I will also be adding my favorite artist of the week at the end of the writing and for this week the winner is ( Drum Roll…..)


Please come back on Thursday for my Youth Group Experience and on Friday for the lesson of the week i’m learning from and lastly Sunday for my The Gathering experience to dive into my personal devotions i’m doing this week!!

I Can not wait for this journey to continue and grow in size! I cant wait for a growing experience for me you guys and gals! Thanks for Reading and have a Blessed day!

Mark 12:30-31: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”


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