Top Ten Tunes Tuesday! (Wednesday)

Hello again everyone and welcome to a new week of The Life of Sean_Kem!!! 

Thank you for coming back and reading my blog once again! So today my Top Ten Tunes Tuesday is late, oops!

Well here we go… Heres my Top Ten Tunes Tuesday…

(Check my last Top Ten Tunes Tuesday blog for more info on the music and artist you see here and see who made it on the countdown last week!) 

1. Wonderland by Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift has been on my radar all my life! Since she released her first album way back in the early 2000’s. I Love Taylor. A lot. She knows how to play the game of music and how to make awesome music. 1989 hit the stores running and now she is releasing bonus tracks and the first one came out and its called Wonderland. Too. good. She is blowing up the industry and yet she is so humble. Altogether she is an amazing person and artist.

2. Something I Need by Ben Haenow

This song is great. Ben was on Britain’s got talent and his voice won him the competition so he is good. He isn’t a popular artist… YET, but this was his winning song he wrote and was produced from the show. Very good. Very great. Talented and a song people should hear on the radios everywhere.

3. Let it go by James Bay

James Bay makes it back onto my Top Tunes countdown because his voice never gets old. The singer/songwriter is so good and is very talented. I Can. Not. Get. Over. It. The song and the artist have become my homework jam, my chill jam, and my I love this song jam. He will stay on this countdown for a long time to come.

4. Dirty Water by Lecrea 

Lecrea made it on to my countdown last week with a different song and was lower on my list.. BUT this week he is higher on my list and that is because i’ve realized how important his music and ministry is to the kingdom of God. So I  started listening to him more and more this week. Still a great rapper and still amazing song. Great stuff!

5. We Digress by Michael J. Welton

Mike made it on my list last week at number 10 and has moved to number 5 because he is so good. This song is fantastic and there is pure talent. Mike is a friend of mine and is not popular but he should be. He. Is. Too. Good. To. Not. Be. Noticed. Look him up and tell me what you think in the comments below!

6. Geronimo by Sheppard 

This song is still so amazing and there are not many songs like it in the industry right now. And that is why I love this  song and group. So good. I love the family aspect of the group as well. The music video is real fun and the group has the looks of a pop star band!

7. Our God Alone by The Brilliance 

This is a worship song that is so amazing. This song (to me) is filled with amazing theology and truths from God. This song has been my go to song for all my worship related activities. If your looking for a song to listen to and worship God to, then this is it. I read my bible while listen to this song. I pray while listening to this song. I do everything while listening to this song.

8. Stay With Me by Sam Smith

This song has become “classic” and is still one of my favorite songs to listen to in the Shower… #TMI but it is such a good song and he is an amazing artist. The amount of awards he has won, the amount of albums sold, or number of singles off of his debut album is crazy. He is an up and already here super star. He is no longer a new or up and coming artist he is now at the top of the charts and is a artist against Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

9. Lego House by Ed Sherran 

This is a huge throw back song but Lego House is still a great song by an amazing artist who has already made it so far in the music industry. Ed has paved the way for singer/songwriters to make it to the top with the Beyonces and the Taylor Swifts. This is a great song great tune and great guitar skills. Ed has been on my radar for a while now but i have just recently started listing to him more and more often.

10. Bo$$ by Fifth Harmony

This group is too good. Too sassy. Five girls. So amazing. This group was on Americas got talent and then paved their own way up the industry to making their debut album amazing. A great girls group that is bringing the group industry back. Such a good song with so much beat, sass, and amazing voices in it! Bo$$ makes the group at number 10 and that ends our countdown for this edition of the Top Ten Tunes Tuesday!

At the end of each Top Ten Tunes Tuesday I always mention an artist of the week last week it was James Bay and someone has beat him out of this spot this week… DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! 

the winner is

Taylor Swift!!!!

She has made the top Artist this week with her bonus tracks off of 1989 which tops the world in my books! Congrats Taylor!

Thank you for tuning in this Wednesday, Tuesday 😉 stay tuned for more to come on

Friday: Youth Group Adventures 


Sunday: The Gathering

Thank you for reading and God bless!

Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him!


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