Top Ten Tunes Tuesday! T4

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Today is T4 or

Top Ten Tunes Tuesday!

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Here we go!!!

1. Taylor Swift Wonderland 

Taylor Swift makes it on top again for a second week in a row! This song is full of her talent and full of awesomeness. Im in love with this song and her still. She is killing the charts and killing the music industry!

2. Rihanna, Kayne West, And Paul McCartney FourFiveSeconds

FourFiveSeconds is a song that is just so catchy and will not get out of my head. So I have to and I want to put this song at number two because it is a well put together song and by some of the biggest artist in the music industry.

3. Andrew Belle Pieces (Hushed) 

This song and Artist are too good. The music and Andrews voice are amazing! This song has become one of my favorite songs on the market right now.

4. James Bay Scars 

James Bay has been on my Top Ten list for the past three weeks and I’ve only been listening to him for the past 5 weeks… But he has actually become my favorite singer/songwriter artist and he is definitely on my Top Ten Artist EVER. He is so good! His voice is pure and raw and his guitar skills are amazing.

5. Taylor Swift Out of the Woods

Taylor Swift has made this chart twice and she is worth that. Out of the woods is a song that is pure and real which makes the song so good to basically everyone. Her talent is real and she doesn’t care what people think so that is why i have so much respect for Taylor and the artist she is!

6. Of Monsters and Men Silhouettes 

This song is great and I have just recently started to listen to it again. Of Monsters and Men is a band that two years ago you would never know but they have blown up and I love it! Such a good song and band.

7. Sam Hunt Take Your Time

Such a good song. And I am not a country lover but this is too good. Sam Hunt is amazing, and so is this song. So happy I stumbled upon it and I couldn’t love this song more.

8. WALK THE MOON Shut up and Dance

I Love This Song. So much talent in this band and song. They bring a different type of sound to a known rock pop artist group and its great! Too good.

9. NEEDTOBREATHE ft Gavin DeGraw Brother 

Brother is a great country rock song with a great rock artist and country group coming together and making amazing music! SO GOOD. NEEDTOBREATHE is also a Christian band and I love that they are making music with popular secular bands and artist!

10. The Brilliance Our God Alone 

This is once again an amazing worship song that makes the list again. Such a good theologically sound song that brings glory to God. Love it.


The Artist of the week goes to…

Sam Hunt!!

Congrats and Sam wins this week because he is a great country singer and I do not say that about almost anyone… His voice is actually so pure and talent filled its awesome!

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2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.


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