Neon Cathedral and Golden Streets

Neon Cathedral is a song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Now I have posted the lyrics just so everyone knows what the song is about. This song is not a christian song!  WARNING THERE ARE A FEW CURSE WORDS IN IT.  I have not changed them because I think they show the emotions behind the... Continue Reading →


Continued Our Scars Our Stories 

Goodafternoon!  I have decided to continue with this idea of scars in our lives and how they connect to our stories. This thought has overtaken me in these last two days. Everywhere I look, read, or talk about revolves around our stories and our scars.  I believe that in this part and time of my... Continue Reading →

Our Scars and Our Stories.

"Scars are evidence that wounds heal." -Lecrae Have you ever though about scars? Think about a time when you fell down and hurt yourself when you were a little kid. Maybe you got rug burn on your knee, or elbow or got a cut from a pair of scissors or maybe you really hurt yourself and cut... Continue Reading →

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