Last words. Final Thoughts. 

As I sit here and ponder through this last year at Kingswood Univeristy a few thoughts come to my mind I want to share with everyone. So here we go…

Life sucks. It does. At certain moments it sucks. You get pushed into the dirt, rolled in mud and trampled on. Life sucks. It’s not always fair. You won’t be on the top every time. Life sucks. BUT there is something that as Christian I am able to go to that some people are not aware about. JESUS CHRIST. 

I go to him in prayer: he listens to me and he offers me help through my prayers.
I go to him in healing: he heals me and in return gives me a scar to stop the bleeding.

I go to him in worship: I give praise to him for being a God who helps and loves me

I go to him in boldness: he will help me through this season and I will do my part too
Jesus isn’t just a figure we go to for help. He wants to just commune with us.

So two take aways from this:


He wants to so bad. Just talk to him. You wouldn’t leave a friend on the hinges of your life. Tell God about your life.


It’s important to share what we have as proof of God in our lives… Our stories our scars our testimonies.


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