A Pearl in the Life. 

“Pearls aren’t what they seem to be.” 

Pearls are rare and expensive. Pearls are clean and fragile. Our lives are pearls.

Our lives are rare. Each day people die and are born. People get sick and are healed. People have accidents and are safe. Lives are rare. Your life is rare. There is nothing else like your life anywhere else in the world. Your one of a kind. Your special. Your a masterpiece. God hand crafted your life to match his. God created your likes and dislikes, your personality, your face and everything about you. 

Our lives are expensive. People die everyday. People get hurt. People have problems. We all do. So take your life and make it something. You wouldn’t let your grandmas pearl necklace just sit in your dresser drawer you show it off. You tell people about it. You need to tell people your stories. Your testimony or story shows the proof of God to people. 

Our lives are far from clean. So are pearls. You have to clean them for it to be clean. While they are in the claims they are nasty. They are muddy and gross. You can polish them and make the clean and neat. Our lives can be cleaned. Never fully clean but polished. God takes our cuts and gashes and makes them scars. We no longer need to be dirty but we can be polished with the blood of Jesus Christ! 

Our lives are fragile. Pearls are easily cut or scratched. So are our lives. We can be hurt easily. We are easily hurt by words, physical things and people. Pearls can be scratched or dirty. We can also be hurt but we have a comforter in Jesus. We find a peace and joy in him. We can go to him when we are down and out and he will catch us and bring us back up! 

Our lives are rare and expensive. Our lives are clean and fragile. Our lives are pearls. 


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