My 50th Post!

Hello everyone!

I have renewed my thinking of my blog and instead of blogging about the nonsense of my life I will be blogging when I feel it is needed or “the right time”. I don’t need to blog every day to keep people coming back. I just need to blog and you need to read it. Yes you. The one person who is reading this right now. If one person reads this and is affected than I have done my job… but i won’t stop there…

So this is one of those times! This is my 50th post on “The Life of Sean_Kem” and I’m so excited to talk about Our Scars Our Stories once more! I am so excited to share this part of the idea behind this concept! Our Scars Our Stories has consumed my life and consumed my thinking… In these next few words I shall try to explain why this has happened to me… here we go.. hang on!

Our Scars show people the power of Jesus: 

The Scars that we have been given or have gotten from life truly do show the power of Jesus and how he heals us! We can say that we found our own healing powers in other ways or things but Jesus is the one and true healer. Jesus sees our scars and we have to come to him to ask for his healing and then he gives us the gift of his power. Jesus is the ultimate healer because of the pain he has overcome from dyeing on the cross for our sins!

The grace could not keep him down and he raised again 3 days later… He died, rose, and returned to heaven. He. Has. The. Power. To. Do. Whatever.

Our scars have been healed but the process leading up to this has not been easy… Pain hurts for a reason. When you treat a fresh cut with peroxide it burns because the medicine is working and healing the cut and the germs inside. Our lives consist of pain and time before we receive a scar instead of a cut or burn. We live with a cut or burn for awhile before we see a scar.

We each have a different set of scars that may or may not intertwine together. We all deal with different things in our lives in different ways. No one is the same and that is beautiful in itself. You are your own person who is dealign with your own life and something about the creativity and uniqueness in that is AMAZING! The scars of depression, self worth, loneliness, suicide, unhappiness, confusion, remorse, anger, being poor, being lost, sadness, injury, hurt etc may help someone else in need. Why should we let others suffer and be in pain while we either gain from nothing or let life take its course… Let people in to your life so they can see who you really are to help others out. Being who you truly are in the moment of the now is better than lying to people and yourself. If you are sad, mad, happy, depressed, confused or whatever be that… When you are yourself you don’t loose your mind and hurt yourself and you find help easier.

Our Stories tell people the miracle of Jesus:

The miracle and power of Jesus are different to me in one way… The power of Jesus is that he heals us and the miracle of Jesus is that he is held… Jesus has held himself by the Father and the Holy Spirit. Snapshots of our lives pronounce the miracle of Jesus because we have been held as well! We are not fully healed but we are in the process. Once we enter into the Golden gates and walkways we have completed the process and are fully healed! Until that time I am pouring peroxide and putting bandaid after bandaid on my wounds and cuts.

Our stories show people the miracle of the Gospel of Jesus by the after affect of his death and resurrection. My life has a reason because he gave me one. My story can change the lives of anyone anywhere and so can yours. Be yourself and tell your story to other people wherever you go because you never know what can happen you could save a life. One life means the world to Jesus and to me so I will do whatever it takes even if only 1 person comes to know Christ because of me…

Random acts of kindness, a smile, a story, a gift or a good word can change a life… Think about doing it! 

My story and my walk of life can affect peoples behaviors and lifestyles. You never know if the person sitting next to you just needs to see a smile to let them know there is still hope… or if the child who is hungry knows she can receive a small bag of food because someone cares more for her than themselves, or if the heroine attack sees you are caring for the people who most people won’t even look at… Those moments make headlines in the newspapers and in peoples hearts and lives.

Our Scars Our Stories means more than just Me and You it represents Who Jesus is and was and will be. 

Wether I or you affect 1 person or 100 people,

Wether I or you affect a 4 year old or a 40 year old,

Wether I or you affect someone in your backyard or in Asia,

Wether I affect them or you affect them,

Wether I or You affect them in a Church or in a Bar

Wether I or You affect people our whole lives or 10 min before we die

They were affected and heard the SCARS and STORIES of JESUS CHRIST and could be changed forever. They have received the gift or eternal life and now they have to open it… If I did all I could than it is up to the people to decided what they want to do. 

I know I was changed when I heard the scars and story of Jesus and I want everyone and anyone I come into contact with to have that change in their own lives.

I don’t need drugs, alcohol, parties, women, money, sex, cars, fame, fortune or whatever to make me feel great and have a good time all I need is JESUS and his Love, Grace, and Forgiveness. And all I want to give to others is Love, Grace, and Forgiveness because thats what I got and I was pretty rotten to the core and now I’m changed from the inside out… 

So put a smile on and give someone a dollar today or whatever you want to do… it could save a life or save a few.



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