Living in a cookie-cutter world

I remember playing with cookie cutters and play-doh as a child. Cutting out dogs and cats or gingerbread man and women out of play-doh. I remember rolling out the play-doh until it was thin and flat. Then I would take the cookie-cutter and stamp the smooth dough and created something new out of nothing…

This world is a cookie-cutter. The world has given us a example of what we need to be like and what is acceptable and “right”. You can live life how you want to….Right and Wrong choices. A cookie-cutter makes it feel that if someone isn’t like us or isn’t “normal” than they are doing something wrong. Sometimes I feel as if this message has gotten push to the curb for so many reasons but its true… We each have a different personality, taste in music, style, pet peeves, and set of things that make you.. well… YOU!

Im sure that the world is not the only place that makes people feel that if they don’t fit the mold they aren’t meant to be a part of it… Sometimes I believe that the Church does this too often. Our goal and mission is the complete opposite. The Church is a place for hurt, broken, and different people to come and learn about Jesus Christ and the love he has to offer to us all!!

“The Church as a Whole is a rehab for the people who don’t want to fit in to a cookie-cutter and break the mold.” – Sean Kemmerer

You don’t need to fit into a mold someone or something tells you to fit in to…

Young boys You Do Not need to have a girlfriend on your arm at all moments of the day

Young girls You Do Not need to give your body as a promise to your boyfriends

Women You Do Not need to feel uncomfortable in your own skin

Men You Do Not need to be a sex hunting animal

People You Do Not need to be a self conseded, hating, ungrateful, hurt, broken, dirty, people

You Can Change.

There Is Hope.

You see Life is meant to be lived by each individual differently. Why do you think there are Oceans full of emotions? Why is there 6 Quatilian (yes that is made up) clothing items to be warn? Why is there more than 1 color in a Crayola box? BECAUSE there is meant to be diversity and difference. If we all were the same we would be boring and noone would bring anything to the table because we all would have that same talent, or funny joke.

Difference is a good thing and thats why i chose to be different.

Im a 20 year old who has never had sex, never had a drink of alcohol, never smoked a cigarette or did drugs. I never went to parties, I went to youth group every single Wednesday night, I did all my homework, I still live and love my parents, I have never gotten in trouble with the police, I don’t have my drivers license… Im not your typical or any kind of 20 year old.. I’m different and Im okay, actually I’m Great with that! I want to be different not because people notice me but because Its my chance to tell people about the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ which makes me different…

To be honest its not that I’m a CRAZY, Funny, loud, annoying, silly, weird 20 year old that is set apart for my personal choices that makes me different its that I have learned, accepted, and share the Love, Grace, and Story of Jesus Christ.

His Grace has given me an incredible story that I want everyone to know about and I just told you it…

I was the normal kid growing up then i took my faith to the next level and went to CANADA to school to learn how to be a pastor, I don’t have any desire to drink, do drugs or have sex before marriage. I love to take photos, Tweet, go adventuring, swim, and Sing really really loud… Im me. Im Sean. And thats okay.

Sometimes Sean gets mad, and sometimes Sean gets sad.

Sometimes Sean cries and sometimes Sean smiles.

Sean has more than happy and mad emotions, I have an oceans full. and I use and show them all.

“Emotions are meant to be shown. Good. Bad. Ugly. Pretty. Sad. Happy. Always Wear your Emotions on your heart which is on your sleeve!”

– Sean Kemmerer

I don’t waste time. i don’t waste my life. i don’t waste emotions or anything!


Enough about my story and back to the cookie-cutter

You do not have to be part of the cookie-cutter…. granted it will not be easy to break the mold, break away or even go off on your own but from my high school friends I’m the only one who became a pastor… Im different then everyone else. AND THAT IS OKAY! Be different. Dance on the tables sometimes. Sing really loud in the car with the windows down. Go to Target and try on every crazy hat and or dress you see (Men you can do this too, its quite fun!) In the end I guess I’m saying Be You.

If your the nerd embrace that.

If your the dancer than dance!

If your the singer you better sing!

If your the math geeky then add 7+12!

If your the nurse save some lives!

If your the librarian than start SHHHHHing people!

Be You. Be who God created you to be! Do you. Whatvever that is. Whenever that is. Where ever that is.

5 Things to take away from this huge and long rant… Its almost over

1) Be you in the dark and happy times. Show your emotions and pains and gains.

2) Be you with everyone and anyone. Strangers and friends should see the same thing!

3) Know God created you and already knows your situation!

4) Your never alone. no matter what. NEVER ALONE. Gods there and so am I and so are your friends and family

5) Be that someone who is there for others. Sit with the lonely kid at lunch, be a friend to the new ones, show kindness and compassion to the homeless.

So in the end the cookie-cutter has been thrown out and create your own cookie!

Be Blessed!

“There is only 1 You. There is only 1 God. There is only 1 Love. Be you. Trust God. Love Everyone.” – Sean Kemmerer


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