Broken or Blessed?

This summer I have been broken down to bare bones and have had nothing left but Gods love. This is the blessing of being broken. I was taken off my high horse and stripped everything away and was left with the one thing I need in this world, the perfect love of Jesus Christ.

God has been so good to me. God has created relationships in my life that I need to grow me! God has placed me in a time and a place where I can grow and help others grow.

Being Broken and taken to a place where you have nothing is scary but its a hidden blessing. I was blessed that God took me from nothing to something because I could not do it on my own. God picked me up out of the dust and fixed me up. He healed the wounds that were fresh, he took the brokenness and made it into a blessing.

There is nothing better than being a different person with the same life. I have the same friends, same job, but a new person inside. Im new. changed. broken turned to blessing. God is good all the time.

Change is possible. You just have to be willing to change.

Be Blessed.


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