Scars and Stories 2.0

The past hurts. The mistakes hurt. The pain bubbles up all the time. It never goes away. It is always there… creeping in… breaking walls… eating us alive. Killing you from the inside out or the outside in. Physical, emotional, mental. Its there. Its real.

But you know what else is real.. JESUS.

This is what our past and our mistakes feel like a lot of the time to us. Ive come to a place in my life where my past and my scars are just that, scars. My wounds have healed and are scared over. There is no more hurt. There is no more pain that bubbles up and takes over. No more walls breaking down or eating me alive.

I have been made new. My eyes have been opened. My heart has been overrun by Jesus Christ. My chains have been broken. There is nothing else in this world that can do besides Jesus’s Love, Grace and Forgiveness. His healing hands heal all wounds no matter how deep or wide. His grace covers all our mistakes. His love cures all cuts and scrapes. His forgiveness bubbles up joy and peace instead of pain and worry.

In Christ I have found not just peace and joy but I’ve found a place where I know I am not alone. I am worry free. I am loved. I am cared for. I am looked after. I have a back bone and someone to rely on. Jesus Christ never changes, his love never fails, he never fades away. He is constant in our ever changing lives. The rock that will not move. The rock I cling to. The strong and mighty rock.

You will not be able to find this Love or healing anywhere else but in Jesus Christ. Not in Drugs, Women, Alcohol, Money, Anger, Depression, Loneliness or even Death Non will do. Only Christ can provide the ultimate prize and healing. Life is only truly found and healed by Jesus. Live a full true and healthy life not a fake sick empty life.

His love, grace, forgiveness, joy, peace, strength, hope, strong foundation, sturdy arms never let me fall and never forget me. I am always thought of and loved. I am found in him. I am alive in him. I am loved by him. I am looked after by him.

There is nothing Jesus can’t do. There is no hate in Jesus. There is no evil in Jesus. There is only Love and Good. He makes all things new and complete.

His name alone is Hope. Jesus.

His name alone Heals. Jesus.

His name alone is Love. Jesus.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Praise his Glorious name. His holy name. His perfect name.

His story is the introduction into my story and our stories. Your story can start with the redemptive story that saved you. With the cross. With the grave. With the stone. With the angel. With you. Your story continues this amazing and healing story. Go out and be you. Go out and tell your Story. GO.

It starts with Jesus’s Scars and stories

but then transfers to us and our scars and stories

and ends with Jesus coming back one day.

We are called to tell the world Jesus’s Story and to tell the world our story… the continuation of the redemptive story. Go. Go beyond the borders of your town. To the edge of the waters. To where people can listen. Wherever and However that would be. Just go. Go. Be free and wonder the earth and share the goodness. Share the story. Share your story.

Our scars and Our stories are what write the chapters in between the creation of earth and the return of Christ.

His kingdom come and His will be done.

Be Blessed.


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