Among the Storm.

This is a story or word about me.

Not about who I am or things about myself.

This isn’t a bio or a profile, but about how angry I am.

Im about to explode, like a volcano.

I feel like I’ve been hit by a hurricane and thrown around the drain until I’m dumped out.

My head feels like someone is hitting me with a hammer again and again.

Im alone. I’m scared. I’m angry.

I know these are all lies but it feels so real on the inside.

My brain tells me to go and hide alone, but i know I need to be brave and stand outside.

To be among the crowd and the people, but its easier said than done.

Time alone in rest or Time with others in community.

Is it wise to be alone? Should I trust myself alone? Alone…

Such a strange idea. No one should be alone. Ever.

Im never alone. Never.

Its a lie. I believe the truth.

God is on my side, but i know the darkness hides all around.

Around the corner, underneath, above, all around.

but so is He. The truth. The light.

All around me. All around.





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