Word battles… 

My heart says stop and so does my brain. 

They both tell me to look the other way. 

My eyes know and so do my ears. 

My body understands my constant fear. 

But then I hear the moans and groans,

“You suck. Your ugly. Your fat!”  


I scream and yell and do whatever I can to make them quite.

I’m fighting a battle that’s already been won. 

In my head it’s a battle lost a long time ago. 

But in reality it’s a battle that has just begun, 

Another war is around the corner. 

Not in France or Baghdad or the American borders, 

In my head I hear the thoughts 

Of constant struggles in the ruts,

That’s the war im speaking of. 

The war in my head the battle in my hands. 

Words are the ammunition, 

And tounges the vessel. 

Hateful, hurtful, rude and crude

These are the things that are said to you. 

Things that make you feel all alone

Down and out silent and stone cold. 

The death of the wind whipping by 

Is the only thing I can hear on a stormy night. 

Instead when it rains I think about the depths of my grave. 

One day I’ll be there 

Six feet under the sea level all bare. 

Dust to dust. 

Earth to earth. 

Once again the battles lost, 

And My head really hurts. 

Words. Words. Words being said.

And once again I find myself 

Face down on my bed.

So once again incase you missed it,

Words really hurt and so do stones. 

Think twice what you say and think once when you read 

The words on a screen.

Incase your wondering 

This spoken word is not personal. 

I’m speaking up for the little people. 

The ones who are afraid and alone. 

Down and out on the streets below.

Here’s a riddle to solve the word puzzle. 

Be nice and kind. 

Love and joy. 

Responsible and respectful. 

No need for the hurtful. 

Be confident in who you are. 

Love yourself and love others. 

Be comfortable in your skin 

You were made to be. 

Words are good or words are bad. 

Load your cannon and say things back. 

Fight the word war with 

Love and serenity. 

The end, 



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