This is in no way to boast in myself BUT to brag in Jesus Christ and his awesomeness!! 

Today at the grocery store as we were checking out I heard a lady on the phone say my card isn’t working and I can’t get my grosheries, so I decided to pay for her food. A simple but huge action in her day. 

She talked to me for a little bit and she let me share my testimony with her as she was a Christian! She was having a horrible day and nothing was going right. But she experienced hope over me paying for her groceries. A small action to myself but a huge blessing to her and her mother! 

So if your in the same boat as this woman today, where you have no hope, no motivation to continue on and nothing at all know this today, Christ loves you and cares for you. There is a hope for tomorrow and it’s held within Jesus Christ! 

So today I hope this story impacts you as it has impacted me to be reminded that Christ is the hope for not only tomorrow but also TODAY! In the now! He is alive and we can be awakened in him! 

Be blessed today as he blesses me daily. 


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