The storm. 

Life right now is a bit crazy...  Life has become a whirlwind of insanity lately. I found myself drifting away in the waves of sadness and looking just below the water line as I drown in chaos  But then suddenly as I start to think I have no air left in my lungs God steps... Continue Reading →


This is the place I live…

This is the place I live...  I live in America Land of the free and home of the brave  A place where I don't have to be afraid  Because we're the most powerful nation  I don't have to be afraid of bombs dropping  Or Isis happening.  I just have to be afraid of my neighbor shooting... Continue Reading →

I met a man today… 

I'm not a writer nor am I a poet I'm not a rapper and I'm not here to show it  By the grace of God I'm speaking these words  So sit back and listen to his holy splur. I'm going to start off my writing blogs this way it's my new Intro. God is good.  I... Continue Reading →

Internship Update! 

Week #1 is gone and done! WOOO!  It was one busy week but one fun week! I learned a lot for sure! This week we were getting ready for a open house we had yesterday for anyone who wanted to come check out the camp and see what we're all about! There were hundreds of... Continue Reading →

First day of Internship 

I arrived here at Spruce Lake yesterday evening to start my summer internship and I finished day one! Woo!  Today was filled with informative meetings, meeting a lot of new (and known) faces, hiking up one side of a mountain, and enjoying the outdoors.  So far I love it here! Spruce lake is my second... Continue Reading →

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