First day of Internship 

I arrived here at Spruce Lake yesterday evening to start my summer internship and I finished day one! Woo! 

Today was filled with informative meetings, meeting a lot of new (and known) faces, hiking up one side of a mountain, and enjoying the outdoors. 

So far I love it here! Spruce lake is my second home! The facilities are amazing and so are the people! The staff is amazing and so welcoming! I have enjoyed my first day on campus and can’t wait to get in the swing of things! 

Please be praying for a two things:

1) For myself! To learn, grow and be stretched! Also for me to be able to rest because it’s going to be a busy summer! For me to enjoy the work even though it is work! 

2) For Spruce Lake! That they can continue to touch the lives of sooooo many during the summer time! That they would run effectively and smoothly! That lives would be changed because of Gods interactions with people by ways of his people and his creation! 

Thank you again to everyone for their continued support, prayers and encouragement! 

God is good. 

All the time. 

Be blessed! 


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