I met a man today… 

I’m not a writer nor am I a poet I’m not a rapper and I’m not here to show it 

By the grace of God I’m speaking these words 

So sit back and listen to his holy splur.
I’m going to start off my writing blogs this way it’s my new Intro. God is good. 
I met a man today 

His name was Jesus. 

He was dressed in a dress shirt and some jeans. 

Now your probably wondering 

“How can that be?” 
Well you see Jesus wasn’t his name and this isn’t the rapture… So your okay. 

But yes I saw Jesus today. 

His name will stay anonymous 

For his own sake. 
He was helping those in need in anyway he could. 

He had grey hair and a grey beard. 

He walked in love with a servants strut  

With servant hands and a servants heart. 
He reminded me of Jesus because of so. 

He loved like Jesus 

He talked like Jesus 

He even kinda but not really looked like Jesus 
But what I’m trying to say is that I met a man today, Jesus, he acted like him. 
Shouldn’t that be the Christian body? 

Isn’t that how we should act today? 

Isn’t that what we are meant to do?

We were created by the creator so we should act like him too. 
I mean shouldn’t other people say

“Is that Jesus?” 

Because we’re called to be like him. 

To look like him. 

To act like him. 

To be like him. 
We’re called to love like Jesus. 

We’re called to care like Jesus. 

We’re called to be like Jesus. 

We’re called. 

So have you answered his call? 

Because it looks like Jesus is calling you! 
Ring. Ring. Ring. 



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