The storm. 

Life right now is a bit crazy… 

Life has become a whirlwind of insanity lately. I found myself drifting away in the waves of sadness and looking just below the water line as I drown in chaos 
But then suddenly as I start to think I have no air left in my lungs God steps in. He takes me by the hand and breathes a new life into my soul. 

My lungs fill with the eternal breathe of his and I find myself resting on the shores of joy and peace. 
There’s a door in the distance. A large grey door… It opens slowly with a magical glow around it and I walk in.

 I find myself back in my world, the intensity is still here and growing actually. 

But instead of drowning in the sorrows im walking tall with God by my side. He stands with me always and reproduces his fruits in me. 

His joy, peace, patience, kindness and self control. I look in the mirror and I see a smaller, less powerful, more human version of himself. A man after his own heart. 

Life is calm again

There are almost no words to describe how amazing it is to have an almighty God stand beside me in my troubles, worries, doubts, fears, and joys. There are no words because there are feelings… Feelings of happiness, community, love, joy, peace, forgiveness, did I mention love? 

There is nothing like the body of Christ. And man am I happy I’m apart of it! God is so good all the time. He has blessed me with a family. A body of believers. Lift each other up. In word and prayer. Face to face or over the phone. From your country and others. We’re a body. We’re a family. The sky is NOT the limit. Heaven is. Praise the Father who loves his children so much. 



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