What’s on your gravestone? 

What’s on your gravestone? This was the questioned asked to me this morning at church. And of course it made me think… 

What would be on my gravestone? If I wanted people to remember me what would they remember? What is my legacy? 

So what would I want people to remember?

My favorite color…

My favorite song…

My coolest moment…

My funniest fail…

None of these have any significance in life… But what does is…

My Saviors love for me which produces My love for others. 

My Saviors grace and forgiveness he has on me which produces my forgiveness for others. 

I want my life to be remembered by my Saviors life. It’s not my life I want people to remember. It’s not about my accomplishments or my achievements. It’s about my Saviors redemptive story that I am so blessed to play a role in that I want people to remember. 

So on my grave stone I want it to say…

“Sean Kemmerer…loved by the one true King. Forgiven, loved and accepted by God Almighty.   Saved by Jesus Christ. His life is greater than mine” 

2 Timothy 2:8:

Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, descendant of David, according to my gospel. 
What’s on your gravestone? 


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