5 thoughts at 1 am… 

So you’ll probably read this at 7 or even 8am ( and some of you won’t read it until 10 or 11 am) but these are some thoughts I have right now at 1 am… 

First thought: How is it 1 am? I’ve been up all day and all night. I’m tired but can’t sleep. My mind continues to wonder acrossed the fields in my brain. But yet my time clock is slowly finding it’s way to off… 

Second thought: Why am I awake? My eyes are open but my sight is blinded. My brain is functioning but it’s running on 5% battery. My heart rate and breathing have slowed but I’m a nervous wreck…

Third thought: Why am I nervous? The dark? The night? Loneliness? The fact that I don’t know what’s going to happen. The war in my head could start again. I could have a peace treaty signed tonight. The unknown. That’s why im nervous… 

Fourth thought: Are my nerves real? Well duh… but should they be? Should they exist? Deep in the vault in my brain locked away in the filing cabinet of truth i know the unknown isn’t the unknown. God knows the unknown. He created the unknown…

Fifth thought: I have no need to be nervous. Afraid. Or to be awake. I can rest easy knowing God holds it all. God knows my unknown. God knows the dark and is taking care of it. It’s taken care of. He has already delt with it…

So if you can’t rest easy tonight. Or any night you read this know God holds it all. God knows your unknown. He cares. He truly does. He has taken care of this night, this moment, this situation, this problem, this hurt, this pain, this. He’s taken care of it. Just trust. Have faith. Love him. Known him. Because if you Know God he will reveal the unknown to you. 

Rest easy. 

The unknown is no longer real. 

Rest. Today. 

Rest. Now. 


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