An open letter to the people of today.


a noun
1.the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness…


a noun
1.a place for the confinement of people accused or convicted of a crime…

These two seem like they are supposed to be separate and different but it seems as if they are not. It seems as if at some point in time the exact tongues that once said these two words separately soon began to combine them into one… justice and jail no longer have a definition or a separation…

Justice has become a figment of our imaginations while Jails have become a warehouses for america.

Justice has become something we can dream of while Jails are the reality for 22% of the worlds population (US compared to the World)

Justice is no longer real while Jail is real.

Because once you are accused of a crime you no longer receive justice in this nation…

Once the land of the free and home of the brave but now the land of the accused and home of the scared… 

And I think in a time such as today this is a topic that can no longer be solved by locking people up, shutting them down, throwing them away, pushing them out back home or being swept under the rug. EVERYONE deserves justice. Justice is not something earned its something given.

Granted if you do something wrong you should pay it back but then move forward. I get to say I’ve done things wrong and I moved on from them. We all have. But if someone does such a greater crime than they can never move on from it. We should be helping people who have done something wrong and teach them why it was wrong and help them understand that instead of just locking them up for such a period of time that someone has deemed long enough for the punishment.

If I deserve justice so does the young black man who’s walking down a dark ally way and gets stopped unfairly, so does the family who is trying to make a new life in “the land of the free” by escaping and so does the immigrant escaping from the war in their backyards.

EVERYONE deserves rights. EVERYONE deserves help.

EVERYONE deserves freedom. EVERYONE deserves a fresh start.

EVERYONE deserves Justice. EVERYONE deserves a voice.

EVERYONE deserves peace. EVERYONE deserves love. 

These things should not be given out to a select few… God never once said to any given group of people I DONT LOVE YOU… he gave the same thing to the Pharisees that he gave to his Disciples. He gave them an opportunity to be loved, to experience freedom and peace, to know what its like to have a fresh start and rights and justice. God gives all of these things to everyone. None are excluded from Gods gift. So why should we exclude anyone from these things here on earth?

This isn’t just a message to a certain group or ethnicity, this is a message to everyone.

To the young man who fears to leave his house today to be stopped by the police

To the women who are sold into human trafficking

To the children who are working 10 hours a day making less than $2 for their work

To the family who is trying to escape their home because of the war

To the people who are experiencing pain and hurt.


We all have a role to play in this situation.

We all have a voice to speak in this time.

We all have an opinion to have for everything.

Not everyone gets to have these things so use them while you do…


This is not a closed letter, this is an open letter to the people of today.

Thank you.




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