Overcoming to be an overcomer 

Overcoming obstacles to become an overcomer is not as easy as those 6 words make it seem. 

Yesterday I heard a message from a wise man I know and he told a story of the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20) and how to use this armor to become an overcomer. 

There are 3 steps to become an overcomer 

1) We need to get ready: 

Our armor of God should always be ready and close by. When we are tempted we can throw on our armor. When we go into battle our armor is at the ready. We also need to be prepared and know what’s coming. We know as imperfect humans we will be tempted but we need tools to defend ourselves along with our armor. Our bibles, our prayers, our memory verses, our friends and family, our faith. We need to be ready 

2) We need to team up with God: 

He did give us the things we need to be ready. He wants us to be prepared because he gave us the Holy Spirit. He’s in us and with us so we can be at the ready 100% of the time. He also has a plan for us and if we don’t team up with him we’ll never know the plan, the true plan 

3) we need to allow God to transform us:

If we do the other steps but skip or miss this one the whole process is ruined and over with. We need to continue to grow while being prepared and teaming up with God. We need to continue moving forward. 

With these three steps we can overcome obstacles to become an overcomer. 

Becoming an overcomer isn’t easy and being one is NEVER easy. But with the hope and strength of God it’s possible. 

Im overcoming many things in my life right now. But I’m learning that once you overcome one thing in your life and it’s significant you can continue to overcome anything. Because you realize Gods strength is stronger than anything. 

It’s stronger than metal, diamonds,  ANYTHING! It’s the strongest thing ever. It’s stronger than rushing water, it’s stronger than the rocks in the earth. He is strong. Those words have power. Lots of it. 

So lean on those three words. Lean everything you have on them. They will hold. You’ll continue to stand. He hold us when we can’t hold our selves. He is strong. We can overcome. With him. Through him. By him. 

His grace and love are sufficient. 


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