Everything happens…

I don’t think ever thing happens for a reason… I do think that God knows every thing that happens… therefore I think God will use everything in our lives for the better and for his plan. God knows our hearts and will take the broken pieces of clay and make them into beautiful pottery! 

He doesn’t hate us, he loves us. So much that he gave his only son to die for us. He loved us so much he created a world for us to dwell in. He cared for us enough to give us a part of him in us. 

Now a God that does that for me would not want bad things to happen in my life. He would not put horrible things in my way to teach me a lesson or to show me him because he is the essence of Good. Not evil. Anything that is evil comes from the Devil. 

Bad things that happen in our lives, that’s the devil. Don’t let him fool you! God wants the best for us. He loves us so. The devil will try anything to get us to turn away from God. He will do anything. 
God has a plan that is way greater than our lives. Greater than the plans we think we have for our lives. God has some awesome things in store for us and that I think happens for a reason…

But that time when you got hurt, emotionally or physically that wasn’t God. That time when you found out about a family members death that wasn’t Gods doing. Granted God has a plan and sometimes things happen because it’s part of his plan. But the overall evil in the world. That’s the devil. Hurt is from the devil. Sin is from the devil. Pain is from the devil. 

So next time you hear someone say “everything happens for a reason” ponder that. Think about it. Truly ask your self… does it happen for a reason… or is it God? 


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