See me and hear me roar. 

Like a lion the king of the savanna I want to be heard. 

I want people to hear my voice for what it is. To hear what I have to say and not agree with it or say it’s perfect but to hear it. Not to give me feedback and say something smart. But to hear my voice and what I have to say. I want people to hear my words off my tongue and listen to their story. Listen to the dance of the sentences I speak. I want you to know that what I say I mean no matter what. The words off my lips carry meaning and are never empty. 

I want people to see me. Like a window. See into me and I’ll see into you. But if you put me in a police interrogation don’t look at me through the one way window because you won’t see me. You’ll see someone but not me. I am more than skin and bone. I am so much more. Take me for what I am but I’m something else. 

Look at me. See me. Hear me. 


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