What a beautiful name… 

Tonight at church we sang what a beautiful name by Hillsong Worship (if you don’t know this song GO LISTEN TO IT NOW!!!) I’ve always enjoyed this song but tonight… it hit me..

Jesus’s name is beautiful, wonderful, powerful! Nothing compares to his. 

I’ve never really thought about the actual name of Jesus. Those 5 letters put into 1 word hold more power than anything you could ever think of. Nothing can stand against the name of Jesus. 

J E S U S 

Those 5 letters. So much weight is laid on them. So much power is within them. The world rest upon them. God literally brought heaven down to us with the name of Jesus. 

Our sin was great BUT HIS NAME WAS GREATER! His name is so wonderful. So amazing. So beautiful. So powerful. So kind. 

Death and the grave could not hold him or defeat his name. His name overcame! Woah! 

The veil toar before him! The heavens are roaring because of that Name! We are raised to life in his name. There is no rival or equal of that name. 

That name reigns. His name is the glory and the kingdom. And the name above all other names. 

J. E. S. U. S. 
We are blessed. Be blessed. Be a blessing. 


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