Misunderstanding God…

Well I haven’t written a blog in awhile… sometimes life gets to you and thats what happened to me! Life has thrown some curve balls at me and some easy pitches! Im getting married in September and I’m now full time at the church i work at working with the Youth! Ive also been stretched and molded by God in ways I didn’t want to be (at the time) or in really hard areas of my life! God is at work and in big ways and I love it! So needless to say I am doing really really well!

There are many days where I sit and ponder the characteristics of my God and there is always something that comes to my mind… I don’t understand God. I don’t understand anything God does, why God does it, where His intent lyes or anything about God!

God loves me when I don’t love Him. His love is never ending no matter what! No matter if He’s dishing it out for the whole world while no one gives it back, no matter if I say I love Him and then deny Him, no matter if I do wrong against Him… God always loves me… It doesn’t make sense. He will never stop loving me because His love is never ending, His love is always strong!

God cares for me when I want nothing to do with Him. God cares for me when I look at Him and say “This thing over here is a little more important than you right now, sorry”. Or when I choose that because Gods way is the hard way that I want to go my own path and not care about His ways, He sticks with me through it all! God will never leave my side no matter what. He is always holding my hand, guiding me down a path!

God wants the best for me when I want the worst for me. When God says “Choose door one for the best outcome.” and I choose door 703,902,601 because I’m stubborn, He shows me a way. When I decided I choose the paths for my life instead of what God has laid out for me He still walks with me. GOD STICKS WITH ME IN IT ALL!! He never leaves my side! He is always for me and always with me!

There is something wrong with this picture I’ve painted… And no its not that I’m a bad person because we all are (sorry to break it to you). It is the fact that no matter what I do, wether it would be leaving his side, choosing my own way, letting go of his hand, disobeying him or walking away for a while God will always stay there. God will always love me, He will always care for me, He will always guide me, He will always grab my attention again! He will always be for me! God will always be the solid rock, the strong tower and the anchor to my life!

So I guess to go back to my original point, I don’t understand God. I don’t understand why He loves me so or why God chooses to stick with someone who will mess up, screw up, choose wrong and is not up to his par sometimes. BUT I don’t have to understand, I don’t need to know the reasoning behind his love, kindness or joy because I know I’m on a path that God has for me, I love him with all my Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength and I love others with every ounce of love in my heart. So with that being said I know God is for me and always will. He loves me and always will. I won’t understand until the day I see Him but that gift is there. To be opened and accepted so I will do just that.

So in reality I guess there is just 7 things to do…

  1. Love God with everything We have. Love him with your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength.
  2. Love others with that same love. That changes the world and your own world!
  3. Love yourself with that same love you give away. Hold on to that. Believe it. Agree with it! You may not understand it but thats okay!
  4. Be a person of love, kindness, joy and service. When we love on others it creates a snowball effect that can change this planet! When we are kind the world will become a better place. Have joy because hate eats at the soul (and turns your hair grey which no one loves). And serve others so others can see what you have been given (Gods love) and want it for themselves!
  5. Share the good news of Jesus (Gods son) because without him none of this is possible! Without his death and resurrection and love for his people we would have nothing! He is our way to the father (God) and our way to a better life! He is our cross! He is our hope today!
  6. BE YOU! We need you. This world needs you. Being creative and original is way better than fitting in a box. Don’t do it because it never works (We were all created in different shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds and so much more because boxes were made to be broken!)
  7. ALWAYS GO BACK TO NUMBER 1! Love God with everything we have!

So I don’t understand but I don’t have to. My job is not to understand God but to love and serve him with everything in me! This is Gods life, Gods vessel to use. So God may you use it and use it well!

I hope this is a encouragement to you because these words have been for me! So much! in the dark times, in the rough times, in the hurt and pains, In the struggles and the stretching and the molding. It has helped me out of a lot. God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good. AMEN.


Be Blessed.


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