Everything happens…

I don't think ever thing happens for a reason... I do think that God knows every thing that happens... therefore I think God will use everything in our lives for the better and for his plan. God knows our hearts and will take the broken pieces of clay and make them into beautiful pottery!  He... Continue Reading →


Overcoming to be an overcomer 

Overcoming obstacles to become an overcomer is not as easy as those 6 words make it seem.  Yesterday I heard a message from a wise man I know and he told a story of the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20) and how to use this armor to become an overcomer.  There are 3 steps to... Continue Reading →

5 thoughts at 1 am… 

So you'll probably read this at 7 or even 8am ( and some of you won't read it until 10 or 11 am) but these are some thoughts I have right now at 1 am...  First thought: How is it 1 am? I've been up all day and all night. I'm tired but can't sleep.... Continue Reading →

What’s on your gravestone? 

What's on your gravestone? This was the questioned asked to me this morning at church. And of course it made me think...  What would be on my gravestone? If I wanted people to remember me what would they remember? What is my legacy?  So what would I want people to remember? My favorite color... My... Continue Reading →


Home.  As I sit here and ponder.  As I wait in wonder.  About a man that's traveled.  So far from home im baffled.  He's so far from the ones he loves  But yet so close to home. He has many who surround him.  Many who believe in him.  But this is not his home.  His... Continue Reading →

The storm. 

Life right now is a bit crazy...  Life has become a whirlwind of insanity lately. I found myself drifting away in the waves of sadness and looking just below the water line as I drown in chaos  But then suddenly as I start to think I have no air left in my lungs God steps... Continue Reading →

This is the place I live…

This is the place I live...  I live in America Land of the free and home of the brave  A place where I don't have to be afraid  Because we're the most powerful nation  I don't have to be afraid of bombs dropping  Or Isis happening.  I just have to be afraid of my neighbor shooting... Continue Reading →

I met a man today… 

I'm not a writer nor am I a poet I'm not a rapper and I'm not here to show it  By the grace of God I'm speaking these words  So sit back and listen to his holy splur. I'm going to start off my writing blogs this way it's my new Intro. God is good.  I... Continue Reading →

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