The moment…

The moment lives went into a whirl. The moment heads began to turn. The moment when everything stopped. The moment I wanted it to end. • This moment was the worst. This moment should have not came so soon. This moment I’ll never understand. This moment makes me plan sad. • The moment someone passes… More The moment…

One Hard Night

“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” ― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves Take a journey with me? Tonight has been one of the hardest nights I’ve had in a long time because I’ve realized a… More One Hard Night

Rainy Day. 

Today is a rainy day.  The rain brings sadness and gloom.  The rain is as cold as ice.  The rain has a dull forecast.  But I see it differently.  Today is a rainy day.  The rain brings new and fresh life to the earth.  The rain is as warm as the Suns rays.  The rain… More Rainy Day. 


This is in no way to boast in myself BUT to brag in Jesus Christ and his awesomeness!!  Today at the grocery store as we were checking out I heard a lady on the phone say my card isn’t working and I can’t get my grosheries, so I decided to pay for her food. A… More Encouragement 

Unknown Territory

Hello friends and family! My life has been one heck of a crazy storm and wild ride lately. Ive been stomping around the unknown to say the least lately. God is doing huge things and is working in amazing ways, as always. God has been transforming me into someone new this semester. That has been… More Unknown Territory

The Key

Red hats and purple rooms All the memories locked in a tomb. I  wish I had the key to unlock the door Because all I want is to experience them once more. There isn’t a day that passes me by Where I don’t miss your tender voice Walking in to your home Just to see it… More The Key

Who Am I? I am someone who cares for education. I am someone who cares about the lives of others. I am someone who loves to love others. I am someone who loves to make others smile. I am someone who loves to make others laugh. I am someone who cares and is passionate about Christ’s… More

Among the Storm.

This is a story or word about me. Not about who I am or things about myself. This isn’t a bio or a profile, but about how angry I am. Im about to explode, like a volcano. I feel like I’ve been hit by a hurricane and thrown around the drain until I’m dumped out.… More Among the Storm.

Word battles… 

My heart says stop and so does my brain.  They both tell me to look the other way.  My eyes know and so do my ears.  My body understands my constant fear.  But then I hear the moans and groans, “You suck. Your ugly. Your fat!”   STOP LIEING!  I scream and yell and do… More Word battles…