Scars and Stories 2.0

The past hurts. The mistakes hurt. The pain bubbles up all the time. It never goes away. It is always there… creeping in… breaking walls… eating us alive. Killing you from the inside out or the outside in. Physical, emotional, mental. Its there. Its real.

But you know what else is real.. JESUS.

This is what our past and our mistakes feel like a lot of the time to us. Ive come to a place in my life where my past and my scars are just that, scars. My wounds have healed and are scared over. There is no more hurt. There is no more pain that bubbles up and takes over. No more walls breaking down or eating me alive.

I have been made new. My eyes have been opened. My heart has been overrun by Jesus Christ. My chains have been broken. There is nothing else in this world that can do besides Jesus’s Love, Grace and Forgiveness. His healing hands heal all wounds no matter how deep or wide. His grace covers all our mistakes. His love cures all cuts and scrapes. His forgiveness bubbles up joy and peace instead of pain and worry.

In Christ I have found not just peace and joy but I’ve found a place where I know I am not alone. I am worry free. I am loved. I am cared for. I am looked after. I have a back bone and someone to rely on. Jesus Christ never changes, his love never fails, he never fades away. He is constant in our ever changing lives. The rock that will not move. The rock I cling to. The strong and mighty rock.

You will not be able to find this Love or healing anywhere else but in Jesus Christ. Not in Drugs, Women, Alcohol, Money, Anger, Depression, Loneliness or even Death Non will do. Only Christ can provide the ultimate prize and healing. Life is only truly found and healed by Jesus. Live a full true and healthy life not a fake sick empty life.

His love, grace, forgiveness, joy, peace, strength, hope, strong foundation, sturdy arms never let me fall and never forget me. I am always thought of and loved. I am found in him. I am alive in him. I am loved by him. I am looked after by him.

There is nothing Jesus can’t do. There is no hate in Jesus. There is no evil in Jesus. There is only Love and Good. He makes all things new and complete.

His name alone is Hope. Jesus.

His name alone Heals. Jesus.

His name alone is Love. Jesus.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Praise his Glorious name. His holy name. His perfect name.

His story is the introduction into my story and our stories. Your story can start with the redemptive story that saved you. With the cross. With the grave. With the stone. With the angel. With you. Your story continues this amazing and healing story. Go out and be you. Go out and tell your Story. GO.

It starts with Jesus’s Scars and stories

but then transfers to us and our scars and stories

and ends with Jesus coming back one day.

We are called to tell the world Jesus’s Story and to tell the world our story… the continuation of the redemptive story. Go. Go beyond the borders of your town. To the edge of the waters. To where people can listen. Wherever and However that would be. Just go. Go. Be free and wonder the earth and share the goodness. Share the story. Share your story.

Our scars and Our stories are what write the chapters in between the creation of earth and the return of Christ.

His kingdom come and His will be done.

Be Blessed.

Broken or Blessed?

This summer I have been broken down to bare bones and have had nothing left but Gods love. This is the blessing of being broken. I was taken off my high horse and stripped everything away and was left with the one thing I need in this world, the perfect love of Jesus Christ.

God has been so good to me. God has created relationships in my life that I need to grow me! God has placed me in a time and a place where I can grow and help others grow.

Being Broken and taken to a place where you have nothing is scary but its a hidden blessing. I was blessed that God took me from nothing to something because I could not do it on my own. God picked me up out of the dust and fixed me up. He healed the wounds that were fresh, he took the brokenness and made it into a blessing.

There is nothing better than being a different person with the same life. I have the same friends, same job, but a new person inside. Im new. changed. broken turned to blessing. God is good all the time.

Change is possible. You just have to be willing to change.

Be Blessed.

The Father and His Son.

The Father. 

“Your a Good good father, It’s who you are, It’s who you are, It’s who you are and I’m loved by you. It’s who I am, It’s who I am, It’s who I am!” (Good Good Father)  

This song has laid and impacted my heart for a long time now for one reason, God is perfect in all of his ways and loves me like a father loves his son.

This aspect of God has gone unnoticed and under appreciated by me for awhile now. God is not just my judge, my savior, my guide, my rock, my counselor, my prince of peace, my king of kings, my everything but he’s my father above all else. A Good good father. A perfect father. A heavenly father. The highest of all. the perfect family I belong to…

There is something about the way parents loves their children… something sacred and something perfectly still and peaceful. Something that makes you get those butterflies in your stomach and get that feeling when you watch a mama lion and her cubs running through the open savanna. The feeling you get when you see someone has just adopted that cute little puppy you’ve been loving on for the last week at the shelter. That moment when you see a little butterfly evolve from a caterpillar and take its first flight into the big open world. The first steps of your newborn child. The day you get married to your long time lover. The first steps to buying your first apartment.

Thats the emotions and feelings I experience with Gods perfect love. It is a never ending love. A love that heals all cuts and bruises with the ultimate scars, the holes in Jesus hands.

“God is ultimately who receives all of my love and praise but God returns his love and peace to me.” – Sean Kemmerer

More than I could have ever imagined, better than I could ever received, The best. Perfect. Time-less. The absence of hurt or pain or anger. The peace of a flower that just bloomed for the first time. The happiness of a newborn baby boy. The gentleness of a hummingbird flying around. That is the perfect love of God the Father.

The Son. 

He fills my needs with his Joy.

He takes the anger and replaces it with Gentleness.

He knows my struggles and turns them into his Faithfullness.

He kills my anger with his Kindness.

He replaces my hurt with his Loving arms.

He knows my anxiety and creates his Peace in me

He is the fruits of the spirit ( love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) Galatians 5:22-23

“We are evil and ugly WITHOUT HIS AMAZING LOVE. With his Love we are made Beautiful and Good again.” – Sean Kemmerer

God has taught me that without him and his perfect fatherly love I am nothing. Im the dirt from where I first came from, But with him I can be a vessel of that perfect love to others on this earth.

“You have to look at the other end of the tunnel at all times because If not your missing half of the picture.” -Sean Kemmerer

God created us to be one with him and two humans messed that up but we can come into his arms again because of his loving son Jesus Christ who took my scars and made it his scars. His dirty hands (which were mine) have been cleaned by Gods grace and promise… we can have the same thing if we only accept Jesus and his ways!

He breaks all my chains.

He heals all my wounds.

He cured all my pains.

He took all of me.

His son I became.

The Father and His Son. 

Living in a cookie-cutter world

I remember playing with cookie cutters and play-doh as a child. Cutting out dogs and cats or gingerbread man and women out of play-doh. I remember rolling out the play-doh until it was thin and flat. Then I would take the cookie-cutter and stamp the smooth dough and created something new out of nothing…

This world is a cookie-cutter. The world has given us a example of what we need to be like and what is acceptable and “right”. You can live life how you want to….Right and Wrong choices. A cookie-cutter makes it feel that if someone isn’t like us or isn’t “normal” than they are doing something wrong. Sometimes I feel as if this message has gotten push to the curb for so many reasons but its true… We each have a different personality, taste in music, style, pet peeves, and set of things that make you.. well… YOU!

Im sure that the world is not the only place that makes people feel that if they don’t fit the mold they aren’t meant to be a part of it… Sometimes I believe that the Church does this too often. Our goal and mission is the complete opposite. The Church is a place for hurt, broken, and different people to come and learn about Jesus Christ and the love he has to offer to us all!!

“The Church as a Whole is a rehab for the people who don’t want to fit in to a cookie-cutter and break the mold.” – Sean Kemmerer

You don’t need to fit into a mold someone or something tells you to fit in to…

Young boys You Do Not need to have a girlfriend on your arm at all moments of the day

Young girls You Do Not need to give your body as a promise to your boyfriends

Women You Do Not need to feel uncomfortable in your own skin

Men You Do Not need to be a sex hunting animal

People You Do Not need to be a self conseded, hating, ungrateful, hurt, broken, dirty, people

You Can Change.

There Is Hope.

You see Life is meant to be lived by each individual differently. Why do you think there are Oceans full of emotions? Why is there 6 Quatilian (yes that is made up) clothing items to be warn? Why is there more than 1 color in a Crayola box? BECAUSE there is meant to be diversity and difference. If we all were the same we would be boring and noone would bring anything to the table because we all would have that same talent, or funny joke.

Difference is a good thing and thats why i chose to be different.

Im a 20 year old who has never had sex, never had a drink of alcohol, never smoked a cigarette or did drugs. I never went to parties, I went to youth group every single Wednesday night, I did all my homework, I still live and love my parents, I have never gotten in trouble with the police, I don’t have my drivers license… Im not your typical or any kind of 20 year old.. I’m different and Im okay, actually I’m Great with that! I want to be different not because people notice me but because Its my chance to tell people about the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ which makes me different…

To be honest its not that I’m a CRAZY, Funny, loud, annoying, silly, weird 20 year old that is set apart for my personal choices that makes me different its that I have learned, accepted, and share the Love, Grace, and Story of Jesus Christ.

His Grace has given me an incredible story that I want everyone to know about and I just told you it…

I was the normal kid growing up then i took my faith to the next level and went to CANADA to school to learn how to be a pastor, I don’t have any desire to drink, do drugs or have sex before marriage. I love to take photos, Tweet, go adventuring, swim, and Sing really really loud… Im me. Im Sean. And thats okay.

Sometimes Sean gets mad, and sometimes Sean gets sad.

Sometimes Sean cries and sometimes Sean smiles.

Sean has more than happy and mad emotions, I have an oceans full. and I use and show them all.

“Emotions are meant to be shown. Good. Bad. Ugly. Pretty. Sad. Happy. Always Wear your Emotions on your heart which is on your sleeve!”

– Sean Kemmerer

I don’t waste time. i don’t waste my life. i don’t waste emotions or anything!


Enough about my story and back to the cookie-cutter

You do not have to be part of the cookie-cutter…. granted it will not be easy to break the mold, break away or even go off on your own but from my high school friends I’m the only one who became a pastor… Im different then everyone else. AND THAT IS OKAY! Be different. Dance on the tables sometimes. Sing really loud in the car with the windows down. Go to Target and try on every crazy hat and or dress you see (Men you can do this too, its quite fun!) In the end I guess I’m saying Be You.

If your the nerd embrace that.

If your the dancer than dance!

If your the singer you better sing!

If your the math geeky then add 7+12!

If your the nurse save some lives!

If your the librarian than start SHHHHHing people!

Be You. Be who God created you to be! Do you. Whatvever that is. Whenever that is. Where ever that is.

5 Things to take away from this huge and long rant… Its almost over

1) Be you in the dark and happy times. Show your emotions and pains and gains.

2) Be you with everyone and anyone. Strangers and friends should see the same thing!

3) Know God created you and already knows your situation!

4) Your never alone. no matter what. NEVER ALONE. Gods there and so am I and so are your friends and family

5) Be that someone who is there for others. Sit with the lonely kid at lunch, be a friend to the new ones, show kindness and compassion to the homeless.

So in the end the cookie-cutter has been thrown out and create your own cookie!

Be Blessed!

“There is only 1 You. There is only 1 God. There is only 1 Love. Be you. Trust God. Love Everyone.” – Sean Kemmerer

My 50th Post!

Hello everyone!

I have renewed my thinking of my blog and instead of blogging about the nonsense of my life I will be blogging when I feel it is needed or “the right time”. I don’t need to blog every day to keep people coming back. I just need to blog and you need to read it. Yes you. The one person who is reading this right now. If one person reads this and is affected than I have done my job… but i won’t stop there…

So this is one of those times! This is my 50th post on “The Life of Sean_Kem” and I’m so excited to talk about Our Scars Our Stories once more! I am so excited to share this part of the idea behind this concept! Our Scars Our Stories has consumed my life and consumed my thinking… In these next few words I shall try to explain why this has happened to me… here we go.. hang on!

Our Scars show people the power of Jesus: 

The Scars that we have been given or have gotten from life truly do show the power of Jesus and how he heals us! We can say that we found our own healing powers in other ways or things but Jesus is the one and true healer. Jesus sees our scars and we have to come to him to ask for his healing and then he gives us the gift of his power. Jesus is the ultimate healer because of the pain he has overcome from dyeing on the cross for our sins!

The grace could not keep him down and he raised again 3 days later… He died, rose, and returned to heaven. He. Has. The. Power. To. Do. Whatever.

Our scars have been healed but the process leading up to this has not been easy… Pain hurts for a reason. When you treat a fresh cut with peroxide it burns because the medicine is working and healing the cut and the germs inside. Our lives consist of pain and time before we receive a scar instead of a cut or burn. We live with a cut or burn for awhile before we see a scar.

We each have a different set of scars that may or may not intertwine together. We all deal with different things in our lives in different ways. No one is the same and that is beautiful in itself. You are your own person who is dealign with your own life and something about the creativity and uniqueness in that is AMAZING! The scars of depression, self worth, loneliness, suicide, unhappiness, confusion, remorse, anger, being poor, being lost, sadness, injury, hurt etc may help someone else in need. Why should we let others suffer and be in pain while we either gain from nothing or let life take its course… Let people in to your life so they can see who you really are to help others out. Being who you truly are in the moment of the now is better than lying to people and yourself. If you are sad, mad, happy, depressed, confused or whatever be that… When you are yourself you don’t loose your mind and hurt yourself and you find help easier.

Our Stories tell people the miracle of Jesus:

The miracle and power of Jesus are different to me in one way… The power of Jesus is that he heals us and the miracle of Jesus is that he is held… Jesus has held himself by the Father and the Holy Spirit. Snapshots of our lives pronounce the miracle of Jesus because we have been held as well! We are not fully healed but we are in the process. Once we enter into the Golden gates and walkways we have completed the process and are fully healed! Until that time I am pouring peroxide and putting bandaid after bandaid on my wounds and cuts.

Our stories show people the miracle of the Gospel of Jesus by the after affect of his death and resurrection. My life has a reason because he gave me one. My story can change the lives of anyone anywhere and so can yours. Be yourself and tell your story to other people wherever you go because you never know what can happen you could save a life. One life means the world to Jesus and to me so I will do whatever it takes even if only 1 person comes to know Christ because of me…

Random acts of kindness, a smile, a story, a gift or a good word can change a life… Think about doing it! 

My story and my walk of life can affect peoples behaviors and lifestyles. You never know if the person sitting next to you just needs to see a smile to let them know there is still hope… or if the child who is hungry knows she can receive a small bag of food because someone cares more for her than themselves, or if the heroine attack sees you are caring for the people who most people won’t even look at… Those moments make headlines in the newspapers and in peoples hearts and lives.

Our Scars Our Stories means more than just Me and You it represents Who Jesus is and was and will be. 

Wether I or you affect 1 person or 100 people,

Wether I or you affect a 4 year old or a 40 year old,

Wether I or you affect someone in your backyard or in Asia,

Wether I affect them or you affect them,

Wether I or You affect them in a Church or in a Bar

Wether I or You affect people our whole lives or 10 min before we die

They were affected and heard the SCARS and STORIES of JESUS CHRIST and could be changed forever. They have received the gift or eternal life and now they have to open it… If I did all I could than it is up to the people to decided what they want to do. 

I know I was changed when I heard the scars and story of Jesus and I want everyone and anyone I come into contact with to have that change in their own lives.

I don’t need drugs, alcohol, parties, women, money, sex, cars, fame, fortune or whatever to make me feel great and have a good time all I need is JESUS and his Love, Grace, and Forgiveness. And all I want to give to others is Love, Grace, and Forgiveness because thats what I got and I was pretty rotten to the core and now I’m changed from the inside out… 

So put a smile on and give someone a dollar today or whatever you want to do… it could save a life or save a few.


A Pearl in the Life. 

“Pearls aren’t what they seem to be.” 

Pearls are rare and expensive. Pearls are clean and fragile. Our lives are pearls.

Our lives are rare. Each day people die and are born. People get sick and are healed. People have accidents and are safe. Lives are rare. Your life is rare. There is nothing else like your life anywhere else in the world. Your one of a kind. Your special. Your a masterpiece. God hand crafted your life to match his. God created your likes and dislikes, your personality, your face and everything about you. 

Our lives are expensive. People die everyday. People get hurt. People have problems. We all do. So take your life and make it something. You wouldn’t let your grandmas pearl necklace just sit in your dresser drawer you show it off. You tell people about it. You need to tell people your stories. Your testimony or story shows the proof of God to people. 

Our lives are far from clean. So are pearls. You have to clean them for it to be clean. While they are in the claims they are nasty. They are muddy and gross. You can polish them and make the clean and neat. Our lives can be cleaned. Never fully clean but polished. God takes our cuts and gashes and makes them scars. We no longer need to be dirty but we can be polished with the blood of Jesus Christ! 

Our lives are fragile. Pearls are easily cut or scratched. So are our lives. We can be hurt easily. We are easily hurt by words, physical things and people. Pearls can be scratched or dirty. We can also be hurt but we have a comforter in Jesus. We find a peace and joy in him. We can go to him when we are down and out and he will catch us and bring us back up! 

Our lives are rare and expensive. Our lives are clean and fragile. Our lives are pearls. 

Last words. Final Thoughts. 

As I sit here and ponder through this last year at Kingswood Univeristy a few thoughts come to my mind I want to share with everyone. So here we go…

Life sucks. It does. At certain moments it sucks. You get pushed into the dirt, rolled in mud and trampled on. Life sucks. It’s not always fair. You won’t be on the top every time. Life sucks. BUT there is something that as Christian I am able to go to that some people are not aware about. JESUS CHRIST. 

I go to him in prayer: he listens to me and he offers me help through my prayers.
I go to him in healing: he heals me and in return gives me a scar to stop the bleeding.

I go to him in worship: I give praise to him for being a God who helps and loves me

I go to him in boldness: he will help me through this season and I will do my part too
Jesus isn’t just a figure we go to for help. He wants to just commune with us.

So two take aways from this:


He wants to so bad. Just talk to him. You wouldn’t leave a friend on the hinges of your life. Tell God about your life.


It’s important to share what we have as proof of God in our lives… Our stories our scars our testimonies.

Neon Cathedral and Golden Streets

Neon Cathedral is a song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Now I have posted the lyrics just so everyone knows what the song is about. This song is not a christian song!


I have not changed them because I think they show the emotions behind the song and I left them for the purpose of the rest of the blog not just to have them there. Im sorry if that offends anyone.

Also here is the link on youtube —->

So here are the lyrics:

Round here they sing broken hymns
Their prayers flow better when they’re soaked in gin
The amp’s dusty and sits in the corner
By a bartender that’ll pickpocket your heart
And a jukebox that’ll steal your quarter
Bartender, please give me a confession
Exchange fear for courage in the form of a well drink
There’s a heavy current, got a long way to swim
Closed the Bible a while ago, I need some shots for this sin
Hail Mary, come with me, feel like Pac when it hits
Got some fire in my belly and a riot in the gut
Bushmills for a band-aid, the sweet taste of blood
Then I might actually feel something if I don’t cover it up
Watch their faces, familiar places
Even if they haven’t left the vinyl booth that they stayed in
The motel next door, a sign that reads vacant
And a truth that’s so strong I’d be a fool not to chase it
But yet, I’m a fool and I stay here
Hope these problems drown themselves, I die in wait here
One more, four more, fuck it a night cap
Service starts at 5 tomorrow and I’ll be right back

Underneath this fragile frame
Lives a battle between pride and shame
But I’ve misplaced that sense of fright
This crown of thorns is perched atop my spine
But listen closely as I testify
Dependency has been a thief at night
Thief at night, thief at night

I read the Bible, but I forgot the verses
The liquor store is open later than the church is
Pured by their imperfections, everything that’s burning
To Hell with the confessions, all the “Lord Have Mercy’s”
Blessed in holy water, listen, oh Holy Father
Have you ever smelled flesh that sweats out Monarch vodka?
11 AM in the morning and you can’t get it off ya
Callin’ to the preacher but it’s like the pastor isn’t talking
Until the store opens I can re-up on that doctrine
The people close to me say that I’m in need of a doctor
Think that I got a problem but these are not apostles
This is the drink of the Lord, that’s according to my gospel
Open to interpretation, if you’re judgin’ I don’t want it
I got sins that scold like my throat when I hit the bottle
And I’m sinking and that’s why I keep on drinking
I need a refill, far more than once every weekend
Sweet Jesus, I’m getting amnesia
Shaking til I get a taste, my faith is having seizures
Every time I walk away and try to leave it
Every time I walk away and try to leave it

Wouldn’t miss it for the world
Baptized in my vices and the bar is my church
Traded my artist and I pawned off the easel
Spend it all searching for God at the Neon Cathedral

Underneath this fragile frame
Lives a battle between pride and shame
But I’ve misplaced that sense of fight
This crown of thorns is perched atop my spine
But listen closely as I testify
Dependency has been a thief at night
Thief at night, thief at night

Dependency has been a thief at night
Thief at night, thief at night x2

Macklemore has other songs that also include a religious look on life and this one has affected me a lot recently. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis obviously have some thoughts about God and the church that are not true and are very negative but i’m not actually writing this to talk about him being in the wrong but about him being in the right… I know I just contradicted myself but roll with me okay?

Round here they sing broken hymns
Their prayers flow better when they’re soaked in gin
The amp’s dusty and sits in the corner
By a bartender that’ll pickpocket your heart
And a jukebox that’ll steal your quarter
Bartender, please give me a confession
Exchange fear for courage in the form of a well drink
There’s a heavy current, got a long way to swim

This is the first verse and Macklemore is talking about how alcohol has become what we use instead of God. As a culture alcohol has become a medicine… except it doesn’t. Macklemore knows what he’s talking about here. He says in at interview that he has struggled before with alcohol and hasn’t had a drink in 5 years or more now.


I read the Bible, but I forgot the verses
The liquor store is open later than the church is
Pured by their imperfections, everything that’s burning
To Hell with the confessions, all the “Lord Have Mercy’s”
Blessed in holy water, listen, oh Holy Father
Have you ever smelled flesh that sweats out Monarch vodka?
11 AM in the morning and you can’t get it off ya
Callin’ to the preacher but it’s like the pastor isn’t talking

In this verse Macklemore brings a huge issue that I want to focus on for a a bit of time right now. People look to the Christian faith when things go wrong because GOD CAN HEAL THEM. But we as a church, we as a body, we as Christians are not living the Christian life and we are knowingly doing things that we shouldn’t and non-christians see that and don’t want to be apart of that life then.


We need to stop being afraid of standing out because we don’t smoke or drink,

We need to stand out in the crowd because JESUS DID 

We need to Go and share our scars and our stories 


This is serious and involves peoples lives. As christians we are not just saying words we are saving peoples lives!  This is serious people!

Wake up and know what the cost is! 

People will not live an eternal life. They will eternally die.

Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Prostitution, Lies, Cheating, Murder, Adultery we need to help people through these things and stop worrying about what color Jesus was, or when and where he died, or if women can be in ministry! These things are important but not as important as saving lives… LIVES ARE MORE IMPORTANT TO CHRIST THAN ARGUING OVER DOCTRINE AND THEOLOGIES. 

Its crazy how wrapped up in these things we can get while there are children being sold into human trafficking, or the 783 million people without clean water, or the 5 billion people who dont have a relationship with Christ.

So you tell me whats more important?

Please share your Scars and Stories with people

like Macklemore is doing in a non christian way…

but hey I give him credit, he’s doing more than half the Christians out there…

This is my prayer that we would begin to





God bless everyone thanks for reading.

Here is more on Macklemore’s story. ——>



Continued Our Scars Our Stories 


I have decided to continue with this idea of scars in our lives and how they connect to our stories. This thought has overtaken me in these last two days. Everywhere I look, read, or talk about revolves around our stories and our scars. 

I believe that in this part and time of my life God is showing me how Important it is to share our testimonies and share how God has taken us from the dirt and cleaned us off and given us a fresh start. 

Our Scars Our Stories has become a motto in my life and has had a huge stamp in my life. I’ve never been afraid to share my faith and my personal story with anyone before but I suppose I haven’t done that well or to the best of my ability before. God uses our stories and scars in others lives. 

So just today I want to share a few thoughts about this movement in my life…

  1. Our Scars Our Stories stands for how we have been hurt and broken but God has healed us and this is now my story. I am not defined by these past mistakes and struggles but I remember these scars to grow from them and help others grow and overcome their scars
  2. Our scars do not define us at all. Our past is what gives us strength to overcome the future and it is what gives life and proof to the ministry of Jesus Christ! He is real and so are miracles and healings. 
  3. We have overcome these scars! This is an amazing truth and we should praise God for the overcoming! We would be no where if it wasn’t for God and for his ministry in our lives. 
  4. We need to share our stories. Our testimonies of what has happened in our lives and how God has taken us out of the dark times. God has helped us overcome these scars and we need to share that Jesus can do that for others! 

On my personal Twitter and Instagram accounts I post a lot of things about Our Scars Our Stories so check them out …

Instagram and Twitter: sean_kem 

God bless and thanks for Reading! 

His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, (‭Ephesians‬ ‭3‬:‭10‬ NIV) 

Our Scars and Our Stories.

“Scars are evidence that wounds heal.”


Have you ever though about scars?

Think about a time when you fell down and hurt yourself when you were a little kid. Maybe you got rug burn on your knee, or elbow or got a cut from a pair of scissors or maybe you really hurt yourself and cut off the edge of your finger from a saw in wood shop. I remember one time when I was riding my bike and thought it was the best idea to go down the steepest hill I could find in my neighborhood. I pushed my bike to the top and when I got to the top I just looked over the hill and looked at the city.

I pushed down this hill and for the first few seconds it was amazing, the wind wiping around me, going through my hair and pushing against my glasses. I thought I was a bird flying in the wind, seeing the world for a different way, then the fear kicked in. I was going really fast, too fast. Flying past the trees, and houses, and even my friend, heather who came with me. I pushed the breaks but it was too late and they didn’t work. I got to the bottom of the hill and couldn’t do anything to stop and so I hit a tree right in front of me.

I leaped over the handlebars hit the tree, fell off the bike, and laid on the ground, hurt, scared, alone. I got up after a few seconds with some help from my friend. I had a few cuts and bruises and now I have a scar. I will never forget how I got this white line on my forearm. Scars are never forgotten. The stories where they come form are never forgotten.

The scars we’ve created, the life we lived, the things we’ve done are what make up our past and we remember these scars to grow from them and to help others grow from their scars. These scars do not define us and do not hold us back from the newness of life that we have received from the death and resurrection in Jesus Christ. Scars are things that we have done to ourselves wether that be pains, struggles, or sins, its our past. We look back to the past to see where we have been, we live and grow in the present and we reach to the future to grow closer to God and help others with their struggles. Scars shouldn’t hold us back from growing in our faith or sharing our faith either.

Lecrae, who is a top charting Christian Rapper with a number one selling album Anomaly who knows more than anyone about Scars said this at a concert I attended last night… “Scars are evidence that wounds heal.” This truth is what can set us free from our sins and from our doubts and fears. Scars show other people that there is a healing power in Christ through our lives and our experiences! The miracles like the healing of the bleeding woman (Mark5:25-29), or the blind man that Jesus healed with mud (John 9), or the raising of Lazarus (John 11). These miracles that are preformed in many verses of the bible are real and still happen today! These stories are not fake or not important and neither is your story.

“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”
― Cormac McCarthy

The cuts and pain I felt from my bike accident as a kid hurt and were terrible, but they scared over and the pain went away. I was healed and didn’t have to wear a bandaid over my arm anymore. I remember the pain like it was yesterday. My arm bleeding and having dirt in it. I know that physical pain hurts and so does emotional pain. In high school I was bullied for a number of years. To be honest I never thought the remarks people made about my weight or when someone said something rude bothered me at the time. Looking back at my high school days because of these words people used I never went out for a school play or for the soccer team (Two things in which I love). Scars hurt and they have a lasting affect on our lives. Words hurt and have a lasting affect on our lives.

Scars hurt and are ugly but God can use ugly and hurt things like you and me. God uses our scars to meet other people where they are and what they need. We all have different scars and struggles but somewhere out in the world, in your backyard, in your schools or offices someone shares our scars. Some of us have the same struggles and are broken. God wants to use these scars to help others through their dark times like he helped us through our dark times.

There is a song called “Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) by Hillsong Worship and it talks about how we are all broken vessels but God picks us up and uses us. We are like a clay flower pot. If I drop the pot and it breaks and shatters into a million pieces. But God picks these pieces up and knows where to place them to create new pieces of art. God uses us and calls us places to use us there. I am called right now to be a student at Kingswood University in Sussex NB Canada where I am studying to be a youth pastor. God is using me here and he is reaching the lost youth of Sussex through me.

“All these pieces, Broken and scattered, In mercy gathered, Mended and whole, Empty handed But not forsaken, I’ve been set free.”

– Broken Vessels by Hillsong Worship 

So, scars hurt and are ugly. We all have them. Don’t be afraid to show them and tell people your story. Our story and testimonies show how God is working, healing, and fixing our lives. Our testimony is the proof that God is real and alive and working today! We are broken. We can be made new. Our stories don’t stop when we accept Christ, a new chapter begins. Our lives are a book, so write your story, flip the page and start a new chapter, title it My Scars. 

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Praise the LORD, O my soul. I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

—Psalm 146:1-2