Misunderstanding God…

Well I haven't written a blog in awhile... sometimes life gets to you and thats what happened to me! Life has thrown some curve balls at me and some easy pitches! Im getting married in September and I'm now full time at the church i work at working with the Youth! Ive also been stretched... Continue Reading →

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Blowing out the walls!

God is showing me that a revival, a new freshness of life and the love of Jesus Christ is going to impact our teenagers and our community soon! Their hearts are moving and stirring for something! But they need the Churches help, love and guidance. God is on the move and I feel like he’s... Continue Reading →

Oh my…

Oh goodness I haven't written anything in forever. Life has been busy between marriage and work. Life is good and changing rapidly. Marriage is a learning curve (which is good) and is insane. Being married to my best friend has been amazing. Waking up each morning and spending each day with her has been a... Continue Reading →

I’m tired…

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of bullying/ hurt/ pain happening in so many ways. So I have a few things to say about this and if it offends anyone (I’m not sorry) and if it brings light to the situation (you’re welcome) 1) When people are hurting help them. We all know what it’s... Continue Reading →

Memories to make

Isn't it just so cool how God knows when we need something? He places those things in our life, at the very time we need it! Wether it be a person, a place, an item, maybe it's a bird or an animal that you see or that favorite park you use to go to that... Continue Reading →

Facing the Mirror

Lately in my discussions with others and just observing the lives of those I spend time with I've noticed something. Ive noticed this in the lives of the children I saw during VBS, I viewed this in my discussions with my youth group, I see this in my own generation ( and myself) and I... Continue Reading →

Thank You. 

Thank you.  Jesus.  Thank you for being my father  When I felt like an orphan.  Thank for being my shield When I feel like I'm weak.  Thank you for being my sword When I go into battle.  Thank you for being my rock  When I'm ready to stand.  Thank you for being my anchor When... Continue Reading →

The story of the invisible 

This is a story about the creeping father. The one who looks at the wrong times Or the one who touches when he shouldn't.  This is about the man who stole the woman  And used her for an ATM again and again and again.  This is the story about the little girls life  Who was stopped... Continue Reading →

What a beautiful name… 

Tonight at church we sang what a beautiful name by Hillsong Worship (if you don't know this song GO LISTEN TO IT NOW!!!) I've always enjoyed this song but tonight... it hit me.. Jesus's name is beautiful, wonderful, powerful! Nothing compares to his.  I've never really thought about the actual name of Jesus. Those 5... Continue Reading →

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